Bulk SMS gateway services in Saudi Arabia

Spread your word all over the kingdom using “Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia” services and promote your brand!

This is a user-friendly and lighting fast SMS sending service to reach out to your audience. For marketing, notification and alert purposes and keep them informed of upcoming products, sales, and services. Whereas for others it can be a very powerful means for setting automatic reminders.

SMS gateway, unlike other common methods of communication, is cheaper and has a much higher read rate. Simply because it does not require people to be logged into anything for viewing messages.

Also, by using “SMS gateway API” you can send SMS directly from your software’s to your customers and clients.

Moreover, when it’s about keeping people informed, bulk SMS gateway gives its user the ability to reach out them simply from their browsers. Which significantly increases quality and productivity.

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Benefits for you using “Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia”!

Whether, you are an entrepreneur or running a big cooperation, reaching out to your customers or keeping your people up to date is very essential. Using a simple SMS gateway service, you can guarantee yourself immediate reach and instantaneous growth of your business and brand.

Especially for retails owners, when it comes to improving the quality of their services. An automated fast system to send buyers their details through SMS is professional.

Likewise, sending out various reminders for future pickups or event details becomes extremely easy. Everything can be done through a simple to use online SMS portal (Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia). That allows users to pre-schedule every SMS message and have them sent out immediately.

Similarly, when it comes to upgrading your systems for efficiency “SMS gateway API” can be a very powerful add-on. It is very much compatible and easy to integrate with software and online databases for sending out text messages directly.

In addition to everything, these services can be used from anywhere in the world. Meaning even if you are outside Saudi-Arabia you can still send out your text messages to mobile phones all over the kingdom.

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Especially for KSA (Branding)

If you have ever received a text message from an unknown number, you would know the kind of impression it delivers!

Receiving a text message from any unknown or new number can be a bit alarming for the viewers. And it can also leave a negative impression on sender’s behalf. But don’t worry when it comes to KSA you can overcome that easily read below to find out how:

Instead of sending a message from any number, you can use your own “Brand Name” in place. That can include any set of alphabetical characters of your choice. Then those characters become completely exclusive to you, meaning only you will be allowed to send messages using them.

Your unique brand name in place of a number is also known as “Sender ID”. Sending messages from “Sender ID” will give your messages a more welcoming response and will result in more profitable business for you.

Starting out your SMS sending venture

The method is extremely simple and can have your own SMS broadcasting service (With your brand name) set up in minutes. Read the simple steps below:

  1. Simply create an SMS sender account online on websites like “ExertTexting.com”.
  2. Log-in to your account and access SMS sending portal from
  3. Follow the details for setting up a specific “Sender ID” for you.
  4. Type in your message and press the send button to send them all out at once.

This simple process hardly takes few minutes to get all set-up for sending out hundreds of messages per second.

Let “ExpertTexting.com” take care of everything

Especially in Saudi-Arabia, we offer the strongest and low-priced “Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia” services. That has the best SMS sending portal, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Also, we provide our customers with an “SMS gateway API” for their systems to make sending SMS direct from them.

We are a “pay as you go” service that does not require any monthly or annual fee on your part. Moreover, we have our backup routes all over the kingdom to make certain that every message gets delivered on time.

Plus, our free customer care support is available 24/7 to ensure you a trouble-free experience.

For any further help click on the “Need Help” and let us help you out with everything.

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