A Short Code Service is used for the purpose of Mass Texting

Go to the “Short Code Services” and Select “Campaigns

Next, Click “Create Campaign” located at the right top of the page 

Short code service


Provide the information that is being asked
Below we have listed down all the steps that you need to follow

Marketing campaign

Select an appropriate KEYWORD that is suitable to your Campaign

You can also use an existing Template for your campaign (optional)

Next, Enter a Campaign Name
For example: “Free Scholarship”  or  “Emergency Updates”

In campaign description, add suitable information.
Example: Regular Alerts, Avail discount etc.

Marketing Campaign

Enter your Message
Your MESSAGE is the chief component of your entire campaign

Add variable for dynamic outlook (OPTIONAL)

Schedule your messages or send texts instantly

Press “SUBMIT” to launch your campaign. Done!

Short code service

Finally, your campaign will be launched after spam screening

Consider the screenshot below as a dummy version of your campaign
This is how a campaign would look ultimately

Short code service

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It will enable clients to use our Short Code Service like never before

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