Short code SMS marketing services in Brazil

The fastest and most cost efficient short code “SMS marketing Brazil” services that deliver’s results.

Short code SMS marketing services are simply the best for businesses and individuals looking forward to further expand their reach. And market themselves to over thousands of people instantly.

Short codes are 4-7-digit unique numbers which are faster and smarter than general numbers. They are used for high-traffic communications to interact with thousands of individuals all over Brazil in seconds.

Similarly, few digits are easier to remember and are more attractive. Whereas, they also cut down on marketing budget by thousands and generates more leads.

Presently, short code bulk SMS in Brazil is done through an online “SMS Portal” that handles all the communications. The portal allows users to send and receive thousands of SMS messages in seconds, from anywhere. Moreover, the portals content management features can help keep things organized automatically for better productivity.

In the same way, when compared to other methods for marketing, SMS services are far better. As they are very inexpensive and simple to use, moreover they also have a read rate of 92 % which is more than emails or calls.

In addition to that users can also use an “SMS sending API” and integrate it directly into their systems for sending out tons of SMS messages directly.

Short code SMS marketing VS other methods

There are numerous areas where SMS services simply outweigh their competitors. Below are top few of them.

i) Alerts for upcoming products and events

Using  “SMS marketing Brazil” services to send alerts to people regarding upcoming products and events is far more profitable than emails or calls. Simply, because the viewers don’t need an internet connection or have to be available to receive them. Also, according to recent case studies, it is more preferred by people.

ii) Marketing upcoming competitions and asking people to participate

Using “SMS marketing Brazil” for marketing your upcoming competitions and asking people to participate simply by replying back is more productive. Whereas, you can also ask people to vote their choice for upcoming competitions and brands by simply replying back to your SMS messages.

iii) Fast and instant form of communications that promises delivery

SMS services are instant and lighting fast that does not require users to download anything or to have a smartphone. They have a far wider reach as compared to other services and are delivered instantly on every mobile phone.

iv) Greater Return on Investment (RIO)

Using SMS cuts down on marketing cost by thousands as they are cheaper and are always available. Consequently, resulting in better and faster promotions for higher productivity.

v) Simple and easy all through “SMS Portal”

It is a very simple method for all types of notification & marketing campaigns which can be set-up within minutes. All through an online “SMS Portal” that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Meaning you can send messages from anywhere in the world to all over Brazil. Plus, the features of the portal keep things well organized for more and better productivity.

For further uses and benefits specific to your business industry visit our business page.

Staring out with short code “SMS marketing Brazil”

It involves a very simple procedure and through simple steps and support, we at “” make it even more trouble-free for you.

We offer our customers the most powerful and easy to use SMS sending services through short codes. That can be set-up within minutes for both marketing and alert campaigns.

In the same way, our “SMS Sending Portal” comes with the best content management features that allow users to keep things organized easily.

In addition to that our quality customer support service team is available 24/7 to help out with everything and ensure users a quality experience.

Similarly we provide our customers with backup network routes all over Brazil to guarantee that every message is delivered on time.

In short, we are a hassle-free quality SMS service provider throughout the world. So sign-up now for absolutely free and get 100+ free SMS to try out.

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