Canadian texting services

As of 2018, there are over 1.5 million businesses in Canada. Over 95 percent of these businesses fall in the small business category and the rest in medium or large enterprises. Over 30 million people in Canada own a text enabled cellphone which is 83 percent of the population. Effective communication is essential for all businesses and texting is a great way to execute real time communication with customers, employees or users. Shipping and transaction alerts, schedule reminders and unlimited internal communication reduces the communication gap and improves the operations of the work place.

Experttexting is among the top texting companies worldwide and Canada is one of our top destinations where we offer simple, effective and affordable texting services. With full coverage across all Canadian carriers, we can deliver your text messages within seconds.

With the attracting pricing of USD $0.0083 (less than a cent) more than 2000+ businesses from Canada is our customer with long code / long number services, click for more detail review about our services offered in your region.

Two-way texting services

Mass texting Canada

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