Text services for businesses in Canada

“Mass texting Canada” is all in one solution for your business and work, to make your communications lighting fast & hassle-free for both you and your customers.

Texting services make interaction with individuals very easy using simple to use online “SMS portal” for sending out hundreds of messages in minutes. Form just few simple clicks, you can start interacting with your customers, staff or even international clients immediately.

Especially when it comes to dealing with numerous clients/customers daily and sending out tons of reminders and notifications.“Mass texting Canada” services are the most powerful and effective medium that makes it all simple.

Similarly, it is far superior to other methods that require’s a person to login or be available to view messages. For businesses, these services increase revenue generations by thousands and significantly reduces cost of marketing and customer support services.

Ultimately, using just one simple laptop or cell phone you can make all your vital business communication simple. Whereas content management features in the “SMS Portal” will help you sort out everything automatically and work more efficiently.

How “Mass texting Canada” actually helps your business

When it comes to doing good business the power to reach out to your consumers instantly is very crucial. And text messages having an open and read rate of 92% is far superior and more profitable than any other mediums. Below are few of the top cases in which they help out the most:

  1. Notifications & alerts.

Easily pre-schedule notifications for your customers or club members for upcoming payments and various events, through online “SMS portal”.

  1. Quality customer support services.

Advertise your texting services and let people easily reach you. Make it simple and easy to enquire about your services through texting. This will increase the quality of your service and make it easier for everybody.

  1. Keep your staff in check.

Keep in touch with your staff and inform them of various upcoming events and meeting schedules, within seconds. Moreover, ask them to reply back to your texts for confirming their participations.  

  1. Data collection/market research.

Text hundreds of individuals and ask them for their opinions or ask them to participate in your polls by simply replying back to your texts. Using this will help you plan better and more profitable business strategies.

  1. Integrate it with your current database or website

Integrate “Mass texting Canada”  into your system using API (Included in the texting services) to text customers your service details and notification messages directly from them. For instance, you can integrate it with your software or website to send customers their details immediately after purchase.

  1. Most inexpensive

Text messaging services are the cheapest and fastest communication medium in the market that gurantees instant results.

Moreover, the “SMS portal” for sending and receiving texts is accessible from anywhere in the world. Making it easy and possible to interact with your customers in Canada from anywhere in the world.

For other great possible uses of texting services specific to your business, visit our business page and find out more.

“ExpertTexting.com” makes it all simple for everyone.

We provide quality texting service in Canada through the means of dedicated long code numbers. These are the numbers from which your customers and members will be receiving text messages from.

Long-code numbers are same as common numbers but are much faster as compared. Furthermore, they come already integrated with an online “SMS portal” for sending and receiving text messages.

Furthermore, our “SMS portal” comes packed with great content management features to help you keep everything organized.

Getting long code numbers for mass texting in Canada is simple and can be setup within minutes for you.

Below is the entire process in three simple steps:

  1. Sign-up for free without any cards by filling out the simple online form.
  2. Buy one or multiple long code numbers available to you.
  • That’s all! Start texting out to the world using “SMS portal”.

We ensure a hassle-free process throughout for our customers. Whereas, our free customer care support is available 24/7 to help you with anything.

In addition to everything, we offer our customers a pre-paid texting service without any contract or annual fee on the lowest market price.

So, click now for a free trial and get 125+ free texts to try out.

Or click on the “Need Help” button to talk to our customer support team and let us help you.

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