Bulk SMS marketing using business name in UAE

Generate instant leads using “Bulk SMS UAE” services by reaching out to thousands of customers and clients, within seconds!

SMS messaging is the smartest and most efficient tool for all types of business advertisements. They have a read rate of over 92 %, which is far more than e-mails. Similarly, sending SMS in bulks is faster and promises immediate results.

Moreover, when it is about notifying people of upcoming sales & events there is no better method than SMS which is more suitable and cost effective as well.

In addition to that “Bulk SMS UAE” services also help improve service quality by making communication lighting fast and keeping things automatically organized.

Especially, when it comes to UAE, you can even send out SMS using your own business name in place of a number. Consequently, giving messages a far better impression than other unknown numbers. Continue reading to find out more.

Bulk SMS in UAE is done through an online “SMS gateway” portal. The portal handles all the communications and makes sending bulk messaging quite simple. Moreover, its content management features allow users to keep things organized easily as they need.

In the same way, you can also get an SMS API for UAE that you can integrate with your business systems and send out SMS messages directly from them.

Top Benefits of using “Bulk SMS UAE” services

This modern-day method for businesses significantly cuts down on marketing expenditures and generates sales by thousands. Ultimately, making it the best mean for all types of sales and promotion campaigns. Read below for its top few advantages.

  1. For marketing & awareness campaigns.

This is the fastest and instant way for marketing all types of products and services, which guarantees far better results. Simply because reading SMS is easier and does not require an internet connection or a smartphone.

  1. For notification & alert purposes.

There is no better and faster method than “Bulk SMS UAE” for keeping people notified of their monthly payments or upcoming scheduled meetings and events.

  1. Better and faster medium of communications.

Requiring no internet connection or downloads makes it simply better and far more effective. Moreover, it allows you to send up to hundreds of SMS messages per second, using just few clicks.

  1. Reduces cost of operation (Greater ROI)

Reduces cost of marketing significantly as bulk SMS is the cheapest service for reaching out to people and generating leads. Also, this is a pre-payed service so you pay according to your needs only.

  1. All through SMS portal (SMS gateway) or direct from system

Everything is done through a simple SMS sending portal (SMS gateway) accessible from anywhere in the world. Thus, you can send SMS throughout UAE from all over the world.

Or just integrate it into your current system using an “SMS Sending API” to send notifications and messages directly from them.

Similarly, for more of its uses specifically for your business industry visit our business page to find out more.

Especially for UAE (SMS using Business name for Branding).

Apart from other countries when it comes to UAE you can use your own brand name in place of a number for sending SMS. Using the name will give your messages a far better and more friendly response then unknown numbers.

Whereas unknown numbers can be bit alarming and at times might not be welcomed by the viewers. Whereas using your own brand name will give your messages a unique impression and also result in much better branding of your products and services.

Your brand name will be any set of characters that you choose and will be made completely exclusive to you. Thus, no one else except you will be allowed to use them for sending out SMS throughout UAE.

At “ExpertTexting.com” it is very simple for you to setup an SMS messaging campaign using your own brand name.

Starting your own SMS marketing campaign

At “ExpertTexting.com” through proper guidelines and easy to follow steps you can have everything set-up for as fast as possible.

We offer our customers the most powerful and fast SMS sending services throughout UAE using our easy to use “SMS portal”. The portal having a very friendly user-interference is accessible from anywhere and can send SMS in any languages throughout UAE.

It also comes along with the best content management features for marketing and branding to keep things organized automatically.

In addition to everything, we also provide our customers with an “SMS sending API” that they can integrate into their system to send SMS directly from them.

In the same way, our free customer support services are available 24/7 to help you out with everything.

We are a hassle free always up service having back-up routes throughout UAE to ensures you a quality and trouble-free experience. So sign-up now for absolutely free and receive 125+ free SMS to try out.

Or click the “need help” button to talk to our customer service support and let us help you out.

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