Majority of business are now familiar with text marketing. If you’re not, then you will be at the end of this article. Communication has evolved and people aren’t as interested in long emails, advertisements, commercials and other methods of marketing. Texting is easy and is still the utmost channel of communication as billions of people own a text enabled phone. Keyword text blast is not only used for digital marketing and search engine optimization in article writing and website developments. Keyword texting is a quite popular and cost effective method of customer engagement. It gives you the opportunity to place your brand right at the tip of your existing or potential customers.

What are Keywords?

Keywords used in texts are basically unique terms comprising of letters, numbers or both. Businesses use them for communicating with customers. They can inform them about latest discounts, special offers and key information regarding their products or services.

Using Keywords

You can use keywords in many different ways to engage with customers. You can invite them to text a keyword to receive coupons, information about changes in business hours, or notifications of upcoming events.

Text-to-Join (Opt-Ins)

Keywords are used as an opt-in method for customers to join a specific campaign. People can subscribe to your Keyword at your store, facility, website, social media page, or anywhere else you promote. You can also send subscribe options to existing customers or people who have given you their consent for receiving messages from you.

Examples of keywords

Subscribing customers to your list: “Text FOOTBALL to 27367 to receive updates from ExpertTexting.”

Text-to-Vote to get feedback: “Text FLOWERS to 43786 to vote for your favorite flower.”

Sub-keywords allow customers to receive updates, replies to questions, and information about your business: “Text VEGAN to 66599 to receive our Vegan specials of the day.”

Keyword mass texting is associated with Short Code services which telecommunication companies use to send out marketing campaigns. Thousands of businesses use short code to send out their campaigns for direct communication and positive response.

What is Short Code?

An SMS short code is a 5 or 6-digit number that customers can text to sign up for SMS updates. Businesses use this to engage consumers to their marketing campaigns to send text message coupons, offers, promotions, etc. Customers need to opt-in in order to receive these texts.

Why do businesses use Keyword texting?

For one thing, businesses need to keep up with competitors and adapt to the latest communication and marketing tools available to them. There are many different reasons for a company to use keywords as part of their bulk SMS marketing campaigns. One of the largest applications of keywords is a simple call to action. For example, a phrase that encourages people to text a certain word or phrase to a number can be incorporated into advertising across platforms, including print advertising, online, social media campaigns, business cards, menus, television and radio, and any other marketing channel.

What are the benefits of Keyword texting?

The benefits of Keywords texting are endless. For information database purposes, you can easily track how people discovered your business. You can also induce customer segmentation and organize customers according to their preferences. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can create keywords for vegan and meat eaters and share your menu along with offers, coupons or discounts. Businesses have the potential to expand their contacts lists due to opt-in options from various sources. Keyword text blast is reliable as 98 percent of all texts are read within minutes of delivery.

Businesses can also monitor and analyze different campaigns through feedback or results from customers to build on data for future references. You can gain insight on which products or services are most popular with your audience. Due to incredible advancements in technology, you can also automate responses and use Artificial Intelligence to respond with a relevant message to the customer. Websites or different software can integrate with us and send thousands of messages in seconds using our API.

The best feature of Keyword mass texting is that you don’t even need to add or upload contacts. People who visit your facility will directly opt-in with your advertising flyer. You just need to text blast your promotion over keyword list for opt-in. People can also visit your website or other social media platforms and opt-in to your keyword provided.

Get Started With Your Keyword Texting Now !

We now live in a competitive digital age where the latest marketing and communication tools are mandatory for success. Remote marketing strategies such as advertising, social media marketing and trade shows are costly or inefficient. Keyword text marketing is proving to be a gem due to its efficiency in customer reach and information transmission. Everyone owns a smartphone so it’s about time you simply text them what you have to offer and bring your business straight to their fingertips.

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