Mass Texting Service - How effective it is for your business?


The world of business communication has come a long way in the last few decades. With the proliferation of new forms of media such the internet, email, social media, and instant messaging, businesses now have a broad range of communication channels at their disposal. However, it is important for businesses to put in some research to find out which channel/s are cost-effective for them. One of the latest channels businesses are using today is Mass texting.

What is Mass Texting?

We are all familiar with texting and know that it is probably the most popular and convenient way to communicate. This is why businesses got in on the act. So, with a single click, they can send out thousands of messages such as notifications, alerts, updates and promotions to their respective audiences. By definition, Mass Texting is a form of digital communication which involves the dispersal of a single message to a large number of recipients at the same time. Businesses use it usually for marketing and promotion of goods and services such as offers, discounts and sales. The emergence of smart phones and devices have allowed mass texting to flourish and become a smart tool for business communication.

Why use Mass Texting for your business?

Mass texting for your business
  1. Texting is the leading communication channel in the world
  2. Consumers have their mobile devices with them most of the time
  3. Text messaging has 90 percent response rate
  4. SMS does not require internet connectivity
  5. SMS is not only affordable but cost-effective
  6. Recipients subscribe willingly to text messages, which saves businesses time on cold emails and calls, as well as other traditional lead generation tools.
  7. Businesses considered email to be the proper and preferred channel of business communication. However, it currently has open rates between 15-25% whereas Mass Texting boasts open rate over 95%. This means that even if you have a small list of contacts, your prospects are 5 times more likely to read a text message than an email.
  8. SMS is fast, and most users read through messages in less than 10 seconds. Additionally, the average time taken to respond to an email is 90 minutes. The same person replies to a text message in less than 90 seconds.

Tips for effectively executing Mass Texting

Clear and concise messages

Clear and Concise

Your business has 160 words to spread the word. So, make sure the message is clear and concise so your audience can understand and respond accordingly.

Provide value to customers


Consumers respond if the information you are providing is valuable. Even when promoting goods and services, additional information can pique the interest of your audience.

Customer segmentation


Segment your audience for better engagement. You can do this by analyzing demographics and psychographics. For example, age, gender, location, purchase history and social class.

Scheduled mass texting


You do not want to wake up customers in the middle of the night. So, set a specific and proper schedule between business hours and stick to it. For example, restaurants usually text their offers once or twice in a week a few hours before lunch or dinner.

Call to action

Strong CTA’s

Your messages should have strong incentives and call-to-action for engagement. These incentives may be how to avail a sale offer or other active promotions.

Effective mass texting

How Mass Texting works?

Mass texting is done using shortcodes in the US. A shortcode is a 5-6-digit number that is white-listed with the network carriers and is used to send an unlimited volume of text messages. Hence, they are recommended and commonly used for mass texting. So, you can use them to have your prospects subscribe to your keyword and be added to your campaign group. Plus, if you already have a consented database, you simply need to upload them into groups and send out your campaigns.

Note: Mass texting is a consent-based activity so you need to have the written permission of the contacts you upload to receive text messages from you. Alternatively, you can create keyword to have your audience subscribe to your campaign and give their explicit consent.

How to use keywords for Mass Texting?

Keywords for mass texting
  1. Choose a simple word to ask prospects to text to your assigned shortcode. However, the keyword should be related to your business products or services.
  2. Draw attention to your keyword. I.e. Use different media to display your keyword such as flyers and posters as well as on social media or websites.
  3. All those who subscribe to your keyword will be added to your keyword group. You can set up different campaigns according to your requirement.

Example: A retail store asks potential customers to text ‘Grocery’ to 66599 to receive discount coupons and sales offers for the week. ‘Grocery’ is the keyword and 66599 is the shortcode.

Top Mass Texting features

There is more to Mass Texting than simply sending plain text messages. There are many other features that have been developed to not only generate engagement but also improve user experience. Experttexting’s Mass Texting platform offers a selection of tools to maximize the performance of your campaigns. These features and tools include


Message scheduling and recurring campaigns

You can schedule messages to be sent out when they will be most effective. You can also set up recurring campaigns to automatically send them according to your scheduling requirement.



You can personalize each message with the recipient’s first name and last name as well as up to five custom fields.


Link shortener and tracking

With our link shortener, you can create short links to your website or page to save precious space for your message. These links can also be used to measure ROI to see how your audience is responding to your campaign.


QR code

You can create and download your keyword QR code. Using this, your contacts can simply scan to subscribe to your campaign. Plus, you can get creative and post the code on a variety of print or digital media.


Signup widget

You can create a signup widget and embed it on your website to have your prospects subscribe to your campaign group. This is a smart data collection technique to build your audience and engage with them in the future.

How to get started with Mass Texting today

Signup for mass texting
  1. Start your Experttexting free trial by signing up for an account.
  2. Activate shortcode services on your account
  3. Upload your contacts or create a keyword for direct opt-ins
  4. Set up your campaign and send

Experttexting is now one of the leading Mass Texting services in the world. If you would like to know more about mass texting or to learn about our services, you can engage with our 24/7 live support team or call us on (845)-580-6454. Our friendly and experienced team will respond to any questions you have and explain how our service works. We'd be glad to provide advice to help you set up your account according to your use case to ensure a great experience.

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