Short code texting services in United States

Short code texting services are the backbone of every text marketing campaign in the USA ! Having significant advantages over other forms of marketing.

These are generally done through 4-5-digit numbers that are shorter than common cell phone numbers. Short code texting numbers are specifically used for high-speed connectivity between brands and consumers to generate leads for sales and provide quality support services throughout.

Nowadays, many retailers and small-time shop vendors are also using it, for promotions and marketing of their new products.

These services are usually two-way or one-way channel depending on your need. They allow you to send a bulk amount of text messages and receive quick responses from them by the viewer. These responses significantly help marketers to plan out future marketing strategies and business to generate more profits.

There are various types of short-code services available in the market depending on the country your audience is living in. Read below to find out regarding short code services in the USA.

Types of short code texting services in the USA

There are two types of short code services commonly offered in the USA and throughout the world, both of them allow one way & two-way communication channel, as per your need. Read below to further find out about them:

1.      Shared short code services

They are short numbers that are being shared by multiple brands & retailers to reach out to their targeted audiences. Also, sometimes known as “keyword-based text marketing” service, it gives viewers one or more options to receive text messages from. An example of such promotion is stated below:

If you are running a “Pizza Place” and are sharing a short code with a “BBQ place” then your customers will have to reply back with your selected keyword which might be “PIZZA” in order for them to receive notifications from your place and same is for the others who are sharing the short code.

2.      Dedicated short codes

This is the one commonly used by brand owners & retailers for direct promotions and marketing, they are numbers of your own choosing dedicated to you and your business only, using those numbers only you can reach out to your audience directly. However, unlike shared codes, they are bit expensive and you will be needing to request for one.

In the USA both short code services are available non-stop 24/7 without any delays. The customer or an individual who has opted for you by replying to your specific keyword or simply on your dedicated code will instantly receive your promotional texts without and you will be notified of your potential customer instantly.

Check our other pages for various short code services we exclusively have for other countries.

What else can you do using short code services?

Using mass text messaging services like short codes, you are open to loads of possibilities stretching throughout every industry and businesses may it be real-estate, event-management or even pharmaceuticals there are no limits. It is simply the fastest and quickest method for every marketing campaign throughout.

Below are few of the reasons why short codes texting services stand’s out from the rest:

  • Fastest Marketing Reach

Short code texting services being extremely simple and fast, lets you introduce yourself and advertise your new products instantly.

  • Easy for Both (Sender and Receiver)

Having just a few digits makes it easy for everybody to memorize and also stress-free for the people to dial.

  • Cost Effective with Global access

They have 24/7 availability and can be sent from anywhere in the world throughout USA, which makes them extremely reliable. They are also inexpensive due to recent advancements in technology.

  • Immediate Responses

It can be a two-way communication channel for you that gives your receivers the ability to reply back instantly as soon as they receive the text to inquire about your services.

The number of possibilities using short code texting service are countless and they keep on increasing as you imagine them, visit our “business page” to find out its use specific to your business.

What we have for the USA?

USA has one of the largest and biggest markets in the world having all types of people and different businesses in them. Whereas, the market keeps on expanding each year, making it further harder to come up with new and effective business strategies.

In order to cope up with the growing needs and help you grow in the market, we offer exclusive short code texting services in the USA for all kinds of marketing and alerts campaigns.

Short codes in the USA and even throughout the world is an application to person (A2P) based communication method. Using this text messages are sent from a computer or a mobile application to a person or many persons.

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When it comes to providing text marketing services in the USA, we significantly outweigh our competitors! We provide our customers with the best and most inexpensive market competitive short-code solutions.

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Currently, we have the ability to deliver text messages to 98% of the world.

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