Advantages of Online Text Messaging

Text messaging is one of the best ways to communicate with people. They are fast, inexpensive, direct, and almost instant. Text messaging has so many benefits that marketers created online text messaging. With online text messaging, marketers were able to use this versatile form of communication for more than personal usage.

As time passed, the system of things came into place, and now we have text marketing service providers that legally provide the service of texting. This has opened the most effective direct marketing channel for businesses. They can easily reach out to their customers in the most reliable manner. Text messages have an open rate as high as 98% which makes them an active medium. Where communication is most active, marketing goes there – in this case, text messages.

The best thing about services like ExpertTexting is that they are online text messaging platforms. They allow you to send texts from your computer. They provide you with your number and everything, but you can operate it through your computer.

In this article, we will tell you all the advantages you get when you use online text messaging with ExpertTexting.

Faster typing speeds

One of the disadvantages of text messaging is the slower speed. While this is based on individuals and the phone, generally the screen is smaller than a keyboard. The average word per minute for smartphones is generally considered lower than that of keyboards. A study showed that people generally type 2.72 times slower on a phone compared to when they type on the computer.

The typing speed may not matter to people who text for leisure. However, it does matter to businesses when they send messages for marketing and promotions. Hence, online text messaging makes it better and easier to handle the typing and the typing speeds.

No, autocorrect

Let’s face it, autocorrect is not our friend. Most times it just does not know what we are trying to type. The number one rule of text marketing is to ensure that you proofread every message you send out. Since each word is valued, it is important. Furthermore, it does not annoy the customers and does not make you look unserious.

Hence, leaving autocorrect behind is very important. Online text messaging services help you type as per your free will and check it properly. If you want to go a step ahead you can also download a grammar checker to your browser. This way you will always be marked when your grammar or sentence is incorrect.

Reduced number of typos

Another advantage of online text messaging is the reduced number of typos. Smartphone screens are smaller and they tend to bring out bigger errors. This is also where auto-correct stands.

Typos make your business look unofficial and unauthentic. Hence, using your computer to send out messages allows you to type more correctly and reduce the number of typos.

Better organizing

One of the biggest advantages of using your computer for online text messages is organizing. With a service like ExpertTexting, you can manage your mass texting needs more effortlessly.

Organizing with smartphones is slightly trickier. There is limited viewing space, and there is not much to do for organizing. However, computers give you bigger space and more options or programs for organizing.

More options with ExpertTexting

When you use an online text messaging service, then ExpertTexting is your go-to partner. ExpertTexting gives you plenty of options that your phone may not have. You can send hundreds and thousands of messages at once with the click of a button. You can manage your contacts in different groups to make them more organized. You can also schedule messages and even MMS. Moreover, with the recurring messages tool, you can set up recurring text messages. All this and more at a pay-as-you-go pricing so you only pay for the credits that you use and not anymore.

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