Dedicated Textable Number (10DLC) – Get started

Firstly, 10DLC or Dedicated Textable Number is now live across all Tier one carriers in the US. Moreover, the brand-new number is especially for application to the person texting with a high volume of sending and better deliverability. Additionally, it brings a revolution in the industry!

Here is everything you need to know to get started! Moreover, we will help you register.

Quick overview

There is now a new application-to-person (A2P) messaging solution for the US market – 10DLC (10-digit long code) that is all set to launch on March 1st, 2021.

Moreover, the new dedicated textable number (10DLC) will officially launch on March 1st, 2021. It has a higher sending volume. Additionally, it has a high deliverability rate. Consequently, it is a better option.

With the introduction of 10 digits dedicated number, peer-to-peer communication will shut down on March 1st, 2021. Meanwhile, shared shortcodes will shut down anytime from March 1st, 2021 ~ June 1st, 2021. After that, A2P messaging will be through textable numbers.

Moreover, to help with business texting more efficiently, it is time to switch to the new textable number. Here is everything you need to know to register for a 10DLC number. However, if you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

Register to a Dedicated Textable Number (10DLC)

ExpertTexting is now ready to offer you a dedicated textable number. You can contact us for support in this regard and for an effortless migration. Furthermore, the Campaign registration process requires all the details about the sender, the messages, and the use case.

  1. Registration of brand

    The following are information fields that you need to fill out.

    Legal Name Name of the company the brand is associated with.
    Brand Name Name the brand you want to register your textable number campaign for. Moreover, choose it wisely if you have multiple brands registered.
    Website URL Enter a valid website for your company.
    Phone Number Enter a valid phone number for your company.
    Company Address Write the full address of your company.
    State Write the State where your company is registered.
    Postal Code Complete the address with the correct postal code.
    Legal Entity Type Select the kind of business your company is. For instance, it can be a private company. Similarly, a nonprofit, or public company.
    EIN Enter your Employer Identification Number in this field. More importantly, ensure you are registered.
    Brand Representative Name Name the point of contact that is representing your brand. For instance, the main face that will handle this part.
    Brand Representative Country Here, select the country that your brand comes from as the main point of contact.
    Brand Representative Number In other words, give the number for the brand representative’s contact.
    Brand Representative Email In brief, give an email address to contact the face of your brand.
  2. Use Case

    In this section, we will talk about the use case. The US network carriers only allow certain uses for the new dedicated textable number. More importantly, these numbers are screened for ethical texting. Moreover, the carriers have strict monitoring on the usage of the number. Additionally, they expect you to choose the one that matches your use case as close as possible.

    Alerts Select this if you want to use your number to send out business alerts. For instance, if there is something new in your retail store.
    Chats Select this option if your number is for peer-to-peer communication. Moreover, if you want to protect the privacy of the numbers. In other words, this is for nonprofits.
    Donations If you have a 501c3 registered Charity then you can select this option. However, it does not work for religious organizations.
    Education Choose this option if your brand is related to schools, colleges, and universities. Additionally, if you want to send out campaigns.
    Emergency alerts For a campaign for sending emergency alerts in the interest of public awareness and safety. Thus, using this is the best option.
    Fraud alerts This option is to alert the subscriber of fraudulent activities on their name. For instance, for bank matters.
    Political messages Select this option if you want to send messages to influence decision making with a verified campaigns. Additionally, if you want to send updates.
    Promotional marketing If you want to create a campaign to send business promotions, then choose this case. As a result, your promotional marketing will be free from smishing.
    Social In short, choose this case if your intent of the campaign is to send to closed communities.
    Sweepstakes/contests Intentionally, if you want to run contests or sweepstakes, specify by choosing this option.
    Two-factor authentications Select this option to use your textable number for authentications and verifications. Additionally, these are for OTPs. Thus, 10DLC makes it better.
    Voting/polling Choose this option for nonpolitical surveys and votes. For instance, for business surveys.
  3. Subscribers’ information

    The subscribers’ privacy and security are the topmost priority for the carriers. Hence, fill out this section with the utmost care.

    User opt-in You cannot use any number for sending messages without the consent of your subscriber. Therefore, you have to define how you plan to collect these numbers with consent by checking the correct box.
    User opt-out Firstly, you cannot register a number without giving the option for opting out and help and support. Type in your email address to help subscribers’ come in contact with you.
    Terms and conditions URL Make sure to have a full set of terms and conditions for your subscribers. Secondly, your terms and conditions should have transparency. Enter the URL here.
  4. Message Content

    Sample Message Firstly, the carriers need to whitelist your number. For that purpose, they need to know the kind of messages your intent on sending out. In other words, type a sample message as close as to the one you want to send out for screening. After that, the number will be whitelisted. For instance, you can write a message relating to the use-case.
    Campaign Requirements Make sure to enter the reason why you want a new campaign. Additionally, add a campaign number.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dedicated Textable Numbers (10DLC)

We understand that you have questions. Hence, we are here to give you all the support. As a result, you can have all the important information.

Is the dedicated textable number going to affect dedicated shortcodes as well?

No, dedicated textable numbers are not going to affect dedicated shortcodes. However, if you are using shared shortcodes, then you have to switch before they shut down for good. Furthermore, the estimated timeline for them shutting down shared shortcode is between March 1st, 2021 ~ June 1st, 2021. However, dedicated shortcodes are still available.

Is the dedicated textable number going to affect long codes?

Yes, the P2P long codes are going to shut down from March 1st, 2021. However, before that you should shift to a dedicated textable number with ExpertTexting. In addition, you can use this number for peer communication if you select the use case. Moreover, it will bring better deliverability. Finally, if you continue to do so, your number may be blocked.

Will my traffic be affected by the migration?

Firstly, ExpertTexting is here for your support. Secondly, you can contact us for information. After that, we ensure that your traffic is not affected when you make the switch. Moreover, the traffic will be safer.

Can multiple brands share 10DLC?

No, every brand is required to have their own dedicated 10dlc for its use-case. Similarly, every company has to have their own number too. Additionally, shared use cases are no longer acceptable and will be penalized by carriers.

Still confused?

If you have any questions or queries, our chat support is available on the clock. Moreover, you can also schedule your free consultation with one of our representatives.

In conclusion, ExpertTexting is ready to help you with the smooth transition.

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