What is 10DLC: A Transition

A 10DLC is a ten-digit number for US networks. It is for marketing and business use and is often associated with A2P (application to person). Here is everything you should know about 10DLC.

What is 10DLC used for?

There are plenty of different uses for 10DLC. These uses all work best for A2P. The following are a few of them:

  • Business updates
  • Two Factor authentication
  • Promotion of business
  • And more…

It works best for a smaller throughput and volumes, like for the smaller business. Enterprises and very high-volume requirements can be met with dedicated shortcodes. However, more on that later.

Is 10DLC MMS compliant?

It is still unsure but it might have compliance in some cases. ExpertTexting will support MMS as soon as all network carriers enable it. We will soon have more details about this matter.

Why switch to 10DLC from shared shortcode?

Shared shortcodes are quite similar to 10DLC. It makes sense that one will think why switching is imperative.

For the longest time, shared shortcodes ran on several businesses. It is becoming increasingly difficult to track them. Moreover, if one of them does not play by the rules, it becomes difficult to find and filter them. Hence, a bunch of others may suffer. Furthermore, there is a high chance of smishing and spamming with shared shortcodes.

10DLC is specific to every business. It is also suitable for high volume A2P texting. 10DLC is much more affordable and has fewer risks. 10DLC has carrier approvals for business messaging.

The future of shared shortcodes is also very rocky at the moment. Carriers MAY finish them. Hence, if you are using a shared shortcode, then it’s probably best that you switch. However, if you still want to send very high volumes, then dedicated shortcodes are the next best option for you.

Why switch to 10DLC from long code?

One of the biggest reasons for switching from long code is that US network carriers have decided that they will no longer support A2P via long codes. Long codes were intended for P2P, which is why they have a short limit of only 200 messages in 24 hours. By turning to 10DLC, you can send high volumes of messages for A2P texting.

Unlike in long codes, you will get the benefit of using one number for high throughput. Currently, the throughput for long codes is about one SMS/second. With 10DLC, it may go up to 30 SMS/second. This shall be affirmative with time; it will be higher though. 

How do I get a 10DLC?

Keep up to date with ExpertTexting to find out details.


10DLC is slowly making its way in the market. It shows several different benefits and looks very promising. Major carriers are incorporating these and they are here to stay! It is a carrier approved business messaging number, perfect for high volumes of A2P texting.

When to use shortcode?

You can use shortcodes if your volume is over a million per month. For this specific purpose, opting for a dedicated shortcode is the best. Moreover, it is perfect for those who have their audience in all regions of the United States. 

When to use 10-DLC?

10-DLC is best for people who have relatively lesser volume. It reduces chances of messages being blocked. 10 DLC has a campaign approval process, but it takes less time than shortcode overall. It is more affordable than a dedicated shortcode.

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