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Link Shortener For Text Messages

If you have ever copied and pasted a link onto your email, social media page or even a text message, you must have had one thought: That looks way too long. This is where a link shortener comes in to do exactly what you think it does. A link shortener is simply a tool that helps take longer URLs (which can be over 100 characters long) and turn them into smaller manageable links that almost never exceed 20 characters. They have been around since late 2002 but their popularity has sky rocketed with the rise of social media, especially twitter. For businesses, it has become an extremely valuable tool especially those who engage with their customers effectively with mass texting, which they try to confine to 160 characters.

Experttexting thrives on delivering not only your messages but also upgrading our tool kit to make our service a pit-stop for all your texting needs. In this article, we would like to announce the launch of our own link shortener as well as how they are beneficial for the web culture and your business campaigns. Text messages have an average open rate higher than 90 percent, so, you cannot afford to ignore its power in the modern business world where consumers are attached to their cellphones for at least 3 to 4 hours on a daily basis. This number is even higher for teens and young adults. With a link shortener, you have more room to write impactful messages to your audience and use your data strategically.

How Does Experttexting’s Link Shortener Work?

How Does Experttexting’s Link Shortener Work?

We at Experttexting like to keep things simple and convenient so our customers can have a smooth overall experience on our platform. To use the link shortener, you simply have to click on tools, where you will find the short link tab. Then all you need to do is type in your original URL and then click on ‘Generate’. Finally, all you have to do is simply copy the shortened link and paste it in your campaign. You can also monitor the short link click statistics on the reports tab under actions.

Benefits of Using a Link Shortener in Your Texting Campaign

The following are just some of the benefits of using a link shortener in your texting campaign;

1. A link Shortener Saves Your Precious Characters

When it comes to text messaging, saving every possible character is critical in the aim of keeping your text clear and concise. Getting your message across in 160 characters or less often feels like rocket science and imagine having to do that with a link that is 75 characters long. It is nearly impossible and long URLs in messages simply do not do you any favors as they are extremely unattractive.

2. They Lead to a Better Click-Through Rate

People are used to seeing shortened web links on emails and social media platforms. Due to this, they have become accustomed to them so using them in their text campaigns will increase the click-through rate. It is one of the simplest changes a business can make to their posting strategy to increase its effectiveness.

3. Cost-Effective

When it comes to SMS marketing, every character in the message counts, especially as each part of a text message in English is limited to 160 characters only. This is why text marketers prefer to keep the message to a single part as exceeding the character limit increases the cost of the message. This is where a link shortener can open up valuable space in your message so customers can add more valuable information in their messages and be able to effectively shorten the link to their websites, social media pages, signup forms, locations and other content.

4. Performance Tracking

With the new tool, you can now track the performance of the links in your text messages. You can track the clicks and view the report on the dashboard. This can allow you to better segment your audience and filter out unresponsive recipients for a much better performance in your future campaigns. Furthermore, brands can use the engagement data for other purposes such as sales, feedback, surveys and so much more.

5. They promote sharing

You can fit more content and links in less space with the use of a link shortener. The text can briefly contain the information required to drive the recipient to the link of the webpage in under 160 characters. In many cases, long web links can be so long leaving no room for the description at all. Plus, the rise of smartphones, mobile internet, social media and texting, sharing has become one of the most popular trends in recent times. And sharing a short web link is easier and simply better as compared to long ones.

Link shorteners have quite some useful qualities. However, some people might still have reservations for valid reasons. These include distribution of malware or fake website. To clarify, texts are actively monitored by the network carriers and businesses need to go through certain checks before SMS marketing is approved on their accounts. This is why Experttexting has taken a step to launch its own link shortener so you do not need to go to any third party. It is clear that link shorteners are here to stay and the texting community are finding this tool quite beneficial. So, try it now and see for yourself!

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