Marketing Ideas for Halloween Promotions 2019

The end of October marks the start of the holiday season with one of the most celebrated events in the world; Halloween. It has become a huge part of our yearly calendar especially if your business is looking to promote its products and services this Spooktacular season. There will be hundreds of events leading to Halloween, on Halloween and following it revolving around the theme of the living dead. Sending out text blasts has become one of the best types of cost-effective marketing campaigns to capture new customers and retain old ones. Besides, the season has just started and there is more to come so let’s get to it.

The National Retail Federation estimated that the American consumers will spend over $8.8 billion on just Halloween in 2019. With estimated figures like that, the game is on and American businesses of all sizes are looking to capitalize on this amazing event.

Experttexting Tricks for Halloween Promotions

Experttexting caters to thousands of businesses around the world from multinational companies to small-businesses and startups. In this article, we want to share our take from the experience of providing our services to different industries with specific use cases, target audiences, communication and marketing strategies. Our goal is to show how effective SMS marketing can be for businesses especially around the holiday season in the United States. So, our prime focus is to help companies leverage SMS marketing to reach their desired target audiences and make a tremendous impact on their bottom like. Here are a few tricks you can pull this Spooktacular season and get great results;

1. Offer Halloween Freebies to customers

If you know your audience, send out texts to target freebies based on demographic and purchase history data. For instance, a family with young children will have more use for playful freebies so it’s a great opportunity. Send out texts promoting scary freebies on purchase of items.

2. Segment your Audience

Send out Halloween themed campaigns throughout the month leading to the event as customers are looking to go shopping before the main event. Promote products according to age groups for maximum response as most kids look to go trick or treating whereas over many teens and adults play hosts or go to costume themed parties. Plus, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to place your promotions right into the fingertips of customers in real-time.

3. Social Media and SMS go together like Trick or Treat

SMS marketing is most effective when it is integrated with other channels. If you have a promotion on twitter, Instagram, Facebook or your own website, make sure all your subscribers know about it. Add in links to those promotions and send catchy call-to-action incentives in as little as 160 characters of a text message.

4. Offer Convenience and Comfort with a Side of Scary

There are tons of customers who use this Halloween to simply relax and sit out the holiday with some pumpkin pie and a decent scary movie. This marks a great opportunity for restaurants and stores with delivery services to get the maximum out of customers promoting relaxing yet Halloween related themes. You can send out texts like, “Enjoy 25% off on all limited Halloween themed menu items for all customers on dine-in and delivery. We wish you a tasty Halloween”.

5. Flash Sales and Customer Involvement

Limited time sales offer greater incentive and SMS marketing spices things up a nudge. Flash sales aim to get more and more customers. Throw in a few Halloween themed guerilla ads as well with subscription details for future engagement. Also, you can invite customers to participate in Halloween themed events. Best costume competitions, Halloween games and even all you can eat contests to keep customers attached and wanting more in the future.

6. Coordinate Events with Notifications

Halloween is the among the busiest times of the year for businesses. Texting is the perfect way to coordinate with staff and attendees. Since, most texts are read in a matter of seconds, it is the most effective way to make sure that your communication is effective.

How to Use Experttexting to Maximize Your Response and Sales

Before executing a SMS marketing campaign, the first thing you need to segment your marketing database according to demographics, preferences, purchase history, age group or other factors that correspond to your business. Using this, you can schedule your marketing campaigns to be delivered at the right time. For example, if you own a restaurant, your daily or weekly messages should go out at least a couple of hours before lunch and dinner time. Adding Clickable links that lead to your website, social media page or even directions to events in increase the response with cross-channel marketing. Make your content clear and concise. Adding call-to-action or beneficial incentives would help your cause as well.

If you do not have your own contacts or want to expand your list, you can get your audience to subscribe to your marketing campaigns using the following Experttexting features;

1. Keywords


Keywords allow your customers or group members to join your group messaging contact list from their own phones with opt-in options from different sources like your website, event or facility. To opt-in new customers, you can post Halloween themed ads on your website, social media, merchandise and at events. For instance, a club can have customers text “Halloween2019” to 66599 and they would get an automated call-to-action response for more information regarding discounts, vouchers, notifications and alerts, etc.

2. QR Codes


Potential customers can now subscribe to your keyword by scanning a QR code as well. Users can create and download their QR code and post it in different places such as social media as well as on flyers, sign boards, merchandize and other printable media. 

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