Spice up your 2022 New Year party with Mass Texting

Spice up your 2022 New Year party with Mass Texting

The 2022 new year is around the corner. If you are still thinking about how you can make your new year party a success, this is your answer! Celebrating the new year requires a lot of organization and communication.

Fortunately for you, this article will help you plan the perfect new year event through mass texting!

That’s right! You read it! Mass texting! Mass texting allows you to manage your communication with almost anyone in masses. These include employees, guests, and even the hosts. All you have to do is find out the one that has the most features and you can benefit from it entirely.

In this article, we will tell you how you can manage your 2022 new year party with a mass texting service provider like ExpertTexting.

Prepare your guest list

The first thing you need to do is prepare your guest list. If you are making it big, then make sure to prepare the public places where you want to post the flyer of your event.

Spice up your 2022 New Year party with Mass Texting
An example of a flyer

In case you are hosting a private party, reach out to the guest list and invite them to join your keyword.

However, if you are open to the public, then ExpertTexting’s list-building tools help you collect opt-ins. Create a flyer and add the QR code or the keyword to the flyer to potential guests. Once you have the opt-ins, you can go to the next steps.

Send evite through texts

Now that you have your opt-ins, it’s time to send them invites. Simply create an evite image and send it as mass MMS through ExpertTexting. ExpertTexting allows you to personalize mass MMS messages too. This allows you to make the invites more personal.

With the two-way communication enabling, you can ask them to reply with their response. The ones that RSVP yes, you can keep them on your list. The ones that you are not coming, simply remove them.

Send updates

Now that you have a filtered list, begin texting! Is there a theme? Simply send a message to the guest list and inform them of the theme. Send them the time, location, and all other details strategically with mass texting.

The information you send in one message, or several messages throughout the day – will be in one place. Text marketing gives you this leverage over other channels.

Send sneak peeks

If you want to get your guests amped up about the party, you can send them small sneak peeks. These can be preparation pictures, hints about the entertainers, or any other thing your party has. This will help keep your guests amped up for the party.

Prepare your employees

Another step you have to take is to invite your employees to join your guest list. Make a separate keyword group for them and ask them to join the group. With ExpertTexting’s groups, you can further break these down to departments, or work tasks.

Text your suppliers/vendors

If you have to keep in touch with vendors, then what is better than texting. You can make a separate group for vendors or even join have direct conversations with them through ExpertTexting’s conversational inbox.

Texting allows you to have quick access to your vendors. It also helps save time in long phone calls. Moreover, it keeps all the records of everything both of you said. 

Use texting on that very day

When it’s time for the party, 20 different things are most likely to get wrong. If you need to strongly communicate with your staff that is spread around the venue, then texting is the key.

Use mass texts to manage communication among your staff on the very day. Send a text to them and with two-way communication, you can receive their replies.

Wrap it up with a 2022 New Year wish!

Wish your guest list new Year exactly at midnight with mass texting. Instead of sending individual messages, schedule your new year message for the time you want to send it. Once you are done, just sit back and relax and wait for the message to send out. You can also send messages to your employees.

Don’t forget to thank everyone!

After the event, you may be too tired to send everyone a thank you message. Schedule a thank you message with ExpertTexting. Simply acknowledge your guest lists’ presence at your party.

Moreover, you should also thank your employees for working hard on a holiday night. Let them know when they can collect their checks and thank them for their service.

Mass texting is not only about marketing. There are many different ways you can use this service to make your life of communication easier. It gets easier and more affordable when you are using ExpertTexting. We give you the most features and charge you less than a cent for a single message.

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