New Year 2022 – Trends to look out for!

New Year 2022 – Trends to look out for!

The New Year 2022 is around the corner. Most of us cannot believe it after what 2020 brought to us. However, with the immense efforts of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and even pharmaceutical engineers, we made it through!

With the new year 2022 right around the corner, mobile marketing and text marketing is sure to take some initiatives in new trends. The year 2020 had a great influence on the mobile market and the speed of the influence and trends are seen constantly in the coming years.

For your business to not stay behind, we have compiled all the new year 2022 texting trends that you can look out for in the coming year.

A glimpse in the past 2020 and 2021

The world almost restarted after 2020. Hence, it is important to look back at the shifts that were made in 2020 and 2021 to truly predict what 2022 has to offer.

One of the biggest rises in 2020 which carried on in 2021 was the rise of online shopping or eCommerce. Since it was imperative for people to stay at home, online businesses brought about a lot of sales. Moreover, regular businesses preferred to shift to online businesses as the sales were increasing.

As a result, delivery services also got a lot of new contracts as part of the eCommerce handling business.

Social apps also became more popular and people who were not a part of them became a part of these apps. One of the most downloaded apps from 2020 was TikTok followed by Facebook and WhatsApp. By 2021 the theme was pretty much the same – TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook became the highest downloads.

Similarly, the increase in text marketing was also seen in 2020 and 2021. Text marketing is considered great for customer retention. In the earlier years, businesses realized that they needed retention more than making new customers. Hence, the game of text marketing remained strong and important.

The new year 2022 – text marketing trends

There are several things that 2022 will bring to text marketing. Here are a couple of trends that will predictably take a rise.

More personalization

The digital world is showing all its cards now! However, the con of text marketing is that it can seem robotic. People are more actively using text marketing and customers are more actively opting in. Hence, it is your duty as a business owner to make them feel wanted and important.

The best way to go about it is personalization that will most likely take a hike in 2022. However, businesses need to be accurate about the information if they are personalizing it. Personalization of mass texts is not up to everyone. Hence, you may see service providers lining up to introduce this feature.

ExpertTexting already allows you to personalize mass texts with custom variables. You can stay ahead of the game and begin sending personalized messages with the help of the video below.

10 DLC – Dedicated Textable Number

10 DLC slowly picked up its pace in 2021. In 2022, it is most likely to be at the highest peak. The reason is the quick migrations. Moreover, the sense of robotic numbers with shortcodes allows 10 DLC to easily make its place in the market.

10 DLC numbers are rolling out now. ExpertTexting is the first one to provide you the service and we continue to do so. For more information click on the image below.

MMS messaging

Another aspect that is most likely to grow is MMS messaging. While MMS messaging has always been in the talks and has given bigger results, it’s time to make it bigger.

The reason is that text marketing was almost rediscovered in the previous years. Now, audiences are discovering mass MMS marketing. They want visual content that is easy to take in and comprehend. Moreover, they do not have time to read long messages and would rather watch videos, images, or other media.

Hence, we predict that MMS marketing will increase as per demand in the upcoming new year 2022.

User-generated content

Another thing marketers must look out for is the importance of user-generated content. With many layoffs and businesses not doing that well, people are becoming more mindful of what they spend on. Hence, when they invest their time and energy in a business, they look for user-generated content.

As a marketer make sure you have reviews, feedbacks, and other senses of user-generated content. You can do this with text marketing. Since text marketing is direct and can remain anonymous, you can ask for feedback to post on your website or even flyers.

Stay up to date with ExpertTexting

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No matter where you go, and what year it is! ExpertTexting has got your back. We offer the lowest possible rates to send mass text messages and even MMS. Keeping up to date with all the trends, we keep introducing features to make text marketing ahead of its time for you.

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