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Using Text Messaging at Different Sales Funnel Stages

Text messages work as perhaps the least intrusive tool for marketing. They are there all the time until you open them. However, they do not bother you as well. You can check them any time that you find is feasible too. One of the best things about text messages is that they are suitable for the entire sales funnel.

This channel of marketing is omnichannel in itself. You can link any page, any website, any address, any number to it. Moreover, mass texting is a bigger market than simply sending out promotional text messages. It works on every step of the sales funnel and can be used easily.

In this guide, we will talk about sales funnels and how text messages easily work at every stage. Moreover, how they work while staying cost-effective, permission-based, and succinct.

Top of the funnel: text to engage

The top of the funnel is usually to bring attention to the brand. While it may not seem as easy, getting customers to engage as part of the top funnel is very easy with text messages.

When you begin collecting leads, your marketing is usually going in every direction. Add texting to it! Now hold on! You may think that sending messages without prior express consent is illegal. That is right! It is not allowed and doing so may blacklist your business. However, you can collect stronger leads from texting than other methods.

When you use a service like ExpertTexting, you have a lot of list-building tools. You can market or advertise your keyword or QR code. For web users, you can add a signup widget or even a click to join button to invite people to join your list.

The reason you will get the strongest leads from this is that only people interested in your business will come to you. This means that people who want to hear from your business will permit you and you can sell to them easily.

Middle of the funnel: text to capture

The middle of the sales funnel is all about nurturing your lead to ensure that it gives you revenue. There is hardly a better way than text messages to do this. Engaging people with text messaging means having direct communication with them.

Text messages are an easy way to build your relationship with your customer. You can give them tips and tricks, send all sorts of nonpromotional messages, and do so much more.

However, there is one factor that you have to look out for very deeply. Make sure you do not annoy your customers with excessive information. The frequency at which you send messages should be well defined from the beginning. Make sure to not exceed it. Sending messages more often than promised can easily cost you your lead and your business’ rapport.

Some audiences want to hear from businesses once a week. However, others may not want to hear from you more than twice a month. Deciphering this is through the research of your target audience and what the market competitors are doing.

Moreover, do not just start selling. That just seems very tacky. Sending time-sensitive information, or even first looking into your goods or services is a good idea to start.

End of the funnel: closing

Once you have gathered your lead and nurtured it, you just need the right message to convert your lead. At the end of the funnel, simply send out your promotions, contests, flash sales, and anything you like. Texting allows you to be creative. Simply add landing page links, eCommerce stores, or even social media links if you want. Just make sure to use the link shortener to track your leads.

Moreover, you can send MMS when you use a service like ExpertTexting. However, one thing is affirmative that you have to add! Make sure to never forget the CTA. The call to action invites people to give you revenue.

Another way to close is to create time-sensitive offers and send them through texts. Texts reach almost instantaneously. Hence, time-sensitive offers reach fast and work best on text messages. Sending messages like flash sales, one-day offers, and more can maximize your revenue.

Growing with texts

Now that you have everything in place, it is important not to forget one part of sales – growing. One thing will not work every time. You will need to keep changing and experimenting to keep growing.

One of the best ways to grow is to use personalization. You can see with responses what your leads like. Make lists of them and send certain products to certain lists only. This allows you to give your customers a custom experience even on text messages.

For growing, you also need to have an open mind. Enable two-way messaging with ExpertTexting and set up your customer service with texting. Nobody likes to wait on long phone calls anyway.

Use ExpertTexting in your sales funnel

Using text messaging for your sales can bring your sales strategy to new heights. Using ExpertTexting for your text messaging can further enhance your sales. ExpertTexting gives you the ability to build your list, schedule text, and MMS messages, and do so much more. All without creating a dent in your pocket. We have the lowest possible prices in a pay-as-you-go solution. This allows you to save credits and pay for only what you use.

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