Customer Engagement Marketing with Text Messages

Customer Engagement Marketing with Text Messages

Customer engagement is one of the most important things for any business. Customer satisfaction helps retaining customers and enhances your business with more audience and leads. Once you have your leads, you can use text marketing to convert them to use for your business. However, you need to make strategies that help with customer engagement marketing.

Here are a few ways how you can increase engagement.

Benefits of customer engagement

Customer engagement is not only about getting them to take an action. It has several benefits that affect your business indirectly. Here is why you should be thinking of customer engagement.

  1. More revenue

    A study by Gallup research suggests that an engaging customer brings about 23% more revenue than a regular customer. Perhaps the reason is that increasing engagement builds a relationship. Moreover, it makes the marketing seem less robotic and more personal. Additionally, customers find themselves at value.
  2. Grow and Improve

    Another very important reason why you need customer engagement is to grow and improve. When customers engage with your brand, they slowly become comfortable around you. Their engagement shows where you lack and where you can improve. Hence, they may not even know it but they may be helping you out.

    In-text marketing, timing is the key. When customers engage in your messages, you can catch the time of their activity. This allows you to decipher when they are available and you can time your messages accordingly.
  3. Identify customers

    Another very important reason to want customer engagement is for identifying. While having a good customer base is important, it is very important to identify your customers. Engagement allows you to understand the dead audience against the leads.

    Once you know your audience is dead, you can simply work to making them into leads. Or you can take the necessary measures.

How to increase engagement?

Increasing engagement in text marketing is not a very difficult thing to do. To gather some replies, all you have to do is play it smart. Customer engagement does more than just give you data. When a person engages with your business, for whatever reason, they become a stronger lead. They remember the time that they had with you and become more aware of your business. Here are ways you can achieve customer engagement marketing.

  1. Keep your message short and sweet

    If you want your audience to respond, then you need to be mindful of the message you send them. If you send them long messages, it is a good chance that they will not read them entirely. You have the first few seconds before they make a decision only. Keeping messages short and sweet allow your customers to give their attention. Maybe even reply to the messages. Moreover, ensure that you stick to the topic.

  2. Add a call to action

    If you send a message with the intention of receiving a reply, then you need to mention it. These come under your call-to-action buttons. If you require feedback, then you can simply ask them to reply. ExpertTexting allows you to enable two-way communication so the receiver can send a message.  

    However, if you want to send a link to your website or a form, then ExpertTexting makes it easier for you. Simply use the link shortener to compress the link into as few characters as possible. You can then track the link to see your clickthrough rate and more.

    Your call to action does not always have to be bland and direct. You can make it exciting and interactive as well.

  3. Enable two-way communication

    Speaking of two-way communication, it is the best way to enhance engagement with customers. Instead of redirecting them to another link, they can simply send a reply to your message. With ExpertTexting, these replies are easy to monitor as well.

  4. Create contests

    Another way to get your customer to engage in your business is to set up contests. Everyone loves to win! Making an easy contest with text messages gives your customer the chance to win something from you. Or, just have fun.

    With ExpertTexting you can create contests and sweepstakes without any hassles. Moreover, you can send the contest questions by scheduling them every few hours. Meanwhile, you can gather the responses and work on them.
  5. Personalize messages

    If you are looking to get engagement on a marketing text, then the best way to do it is through personalization. When you send a marketing message, customers know that the message is a mass message. Moreover, they are getting the message only because they are a part of the subscriber list.

    However, ExpertTexting helps you take it a step ahead. You can send mass messages with variables to personalize them.  ExpertTexting allows you to add custom fields so that you can make the message more personal. A message with the receiver’s name is most likely going to get more engagement than a simple mass text.

How can ExpertTexting help

ExpertTexting helps you in customer engagement with its many features. You can send personalized messages, hold contests, or enable two-way messaging to help enhance the engagement strategies. Signup today to begin with ExpertTexting.

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