Ways to Enhance Customer Service with Mass Texting Service

Ways to Enhance Customer Service with Mass Texting Service

Customers are the most valuable asset for any business. Assets that you must cherish if you hope to grow in sales and revenue. There are many ways to engage with customers, but once you start, you will learn that it demands a lot of effort and time than you think. By offering quality customer service, your customers can stay connected to your business. Mass Texting is now an effective channel to reach customers immediately.

Here’s what we know

  1. Customers are often looking to talk to sales, marketing and technical support, and all this is a part of your customer service.
  2. 77% of millennials said they would lose calling ability for text if they were asked to choose.
  3. SMS is the most preferred communication channel in the world with a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate.
  4. 64% of customers prefer texting when it comes to communicating with businesses.

Why Customers Prefer Mass Texting for Customer Service

  1. Customers don’t like waiting on calls nor time to answer calls during business hours.
  2. Texting encourages multi-tasking while resolving their queries.
  3. Customers hardly check their emails and end up missing out on email marketing deals and campaigns.
  4. Many people are uncomfortable on calls or may not have the required information at that time.
  5. Text messaging gives you more time to respond to feedback or answer queries.

Ways to Improve Customer Service with Mass Texting

The following are some smart ways through which you could enhance your customer service with text messaging:

1. Feedback with Mass Texting

Customers like to share and many business giants have admitted that most of their changes, updates and upgrades come from feedback by customers. It all starts with asking customers whether they are satisfied with your service or what they would like in the near future.

2. Sales Promotions

Customers love discounts and promotions. Statistically speaking, sending discounts, coupons and limited-time offers are said to improve engagement by 73%. This is great for driving sales in all seasons and also keeping customers up to date with what’s happening in your business.

3. Information with a Side of Empathy

Texting has been proven to be a great customer care tool. Businesses can send information to customers about all sorts of topics, explain their services, and help customers understand what your business is all about. This includes selling your products and services in ways that they can connect or relate to.

4. Digital Receipts

The days of paper receipts and bills are in the past. In the paperless era, mass texting is the most efficient channel to send instant transaction receipts to customers and informing them about their transactions. Digital receipts build customer satisfaction by offering proof of the transaction.

5. Regular Updates

If you have customers opt-in to your Mass Text campaign, you can keep them in the loop and inform them about your product announcements, promotions and special offers. With online marketing booming, customers appreciate when companies inform them about their order and delivery status. Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, informing customers about updated business hours, delivery information and emergency updates can help build better customer relationships.

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