How to Send a Text Message Blast in 5 Minutes or Less

How to Send a Text Blast in 5 Minutes or Less

Text messaging may be an old player in terms of technology, but it is now the leading business communication channel in the world. If you’re not familiar with text marketing for business by now, you are definitely missing out on a valuable opportunity to engage with your audience. Text messages are opened 98% of the time within a couple of minutes of being received which is why some of the leading organizations in the world already leverage the power of text blast.

Some Interesting Facts

  1. Email response time is 90 minutes. SMS on the other hand has an astounding response time of 90 seconds.
  2. SMS coupons have a redemption rate of 60-80%
  3. Among the millennial age bracket, texting is the preferred channel for business communication.
  4. Text blasts are 6-8 times more engaging than email marketing

When you reach your audience quickly and consistently, especially in 5 minutes or less, no channel can match this feat. A text blast can be deployed from a single source such as a computer or mobile device. To get started, you’ll need to sign up for an Experttexting account. You can use the $1.00 free credit to set up and test the service then upgrade to send text blasts. To set up a text message blast in 5 minutes or less, follow these simple steps;

1. Set up Multiple Subscription Options

As per TCPA compliance, businesses are required to have written consent from their contacts in order to send them text messages. As a result, many businesses that get started with text marketing usually do not have their own subscribers list. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t build one. Experttexting offers different methods for users to set up and build their own database. Setting up keywords is the go-to feature for businesses using text marketing to engage with their customers. Apart from this, users can now generate QR codes for target audiences to simply scan and be added to their campaign. Or, sign up widgets to have web visitors subscribe directly on your website.

2. Advertise

Setting up keywords and/or QR codes is one thing. Making them public is critical to generate valuable leads. So, make use of your website, social media channels, and all the print or digital media you have under your disposal to have users opt-in to your campaign.

3. Segment Your Audience

Once you have a list of subscribers, you can create different groups. The groups can be based on engagement, date of opt-in, gender, location, age, and other relevant factors. This way, you ensure that recipients receive the right text messages at the right time.

4. Type Your Text Blast and Send

When you have everything ready, all it takes is 5 minutes to write a compelling and engaging text message with a proper call to action. Sales reminders, appointment reminders, alerts, coupons, holiday wishes, and discount offers are just a few examples of what you could send out. Make sure to double-check for any spelling, date, or grammatical error as well as your hyperlinks. Finally hit send or schedule for another time.

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