How to Create a Mass Texting Campaign for Churches

How to Create a Mass Texting Campaign for Churches

In the modern age, people connect with each other through digital means and one of the leading methods today is Mass Texting. Churches are an important part of our community. Members of congregations know that building trust and open relationships with members is crucial to a church. Experttexting works with hundreds of churches around the country to help them connect with members as well as Pastors, Priests and staff. Using our user friendly platform, church leaders and staff can engage with thousands of individuals in one click.

How Church Mass Texting Works

Mass texting for churches is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is;

1. Register an account on our mass texting platform

The first step is to register for a mass texting platform using which you can manage all your campaigns and activities from a single point of contact. Experttexting offers an all-in-one solution for customers with no need to download any application or software. You can access your account using any browser from any location in the world.

2. Upload your contacts or build your subscribers’ list

If you have a list of members, then setting up an SMS marketing campaign is even easier. All you have to do is create a group and upload your contacts. However, many people who signup for our service don’t have a subscriber’s list to send messages. Texting is a permission based activity so you can only text those who have given you their prior consent to receive messages from you. There are different ways to build your subscribers list. You could simply have them registered at church, on your website or at any other event. Or you could have them subscribe to your campaign from our service by creating a keyword and advertise it. Experttexting also offers additional features such as QR codes and Signup Widgets to attract more people to your campaign. A signup widget can be fixed to your website to have online visitors simply signup and be added straight to your contact group. The same way, tech savvy audiences could simply scan your QR code which is connected to your Keyword.

3. Set up your payment account and add credit

Once you have your contacts ready, you can estimate the total cost of your campaign. Experttexting is a pay-as-you-go service so you will be charged for the number of texts you send out. You can set up a PayPal account or add a card to make a transaction. You can get started with as little as $30 and use the credit according to your requirement.

4. Set up your Text Marketing campaign

With your account all set up and ready to go, you can set up your campaign and send them to different groups accordingly. You can create different campaigns for different audiences such as old members, new members, staff and general announcements as well.

5. Send or schedule accordingly

Once you have set up your text campaign, then it is up to you to hit send or schedule for another time. On Experttexting, you can also set up recurring campaigns daily, weekly, or custom dated. For example, many users set recurring campaigns to send out daily prayers without having to manually send them every day. Moreover, if you have an event coming up, you can schedule campaigns ahead of time and cancel them as well if there are any last minute changes.

Mass text messaging is available to everyone whether you have a large congregation or you want a simple way to contact your community. Text messaging is a channel of communication that resonates with your congregation which will definitely boost engagement. So get started now, and if you have any questions regarding our service, feel free to connect with our 24/7 live support team to help you out.

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