Become an Expert in Texting with Business Text Abbreviations

Become an Expert in Texting with Business Text Abbreviations

Acronyms, abbreviations and slang are quite popular in text messages and are now making their way into business communication. Let’s be honest; 160 characters are not always a lot to work with and not everyone wants to pay more to send lengthier texts. Many businesses have reported that they have a hard time getting their required information along with links into a single text which is why using business text abbreviations has become a popular practice.

Business text abbreviations are simply shortened versions of a word or phrase used to save valuable space in a text message so you stay within the character limit. Since texting is a quick activity, abbreviations are also used to save time because texting started as an informal channel of communication so grammar didn’t matter. As a result, consumers are accustomed to the texting language which makes it easier for businesses of every size to incorporate text abbreviations into their campaigns. In fact, learning abbreviations has become essential for marketers to keep up with the pace of our modern communication style.

Experttexting is an advocate of the leading text message marketing practices, it is our job to acknowledge and bring forth the rise of business text abbreviations. Here are some of the most popular ones in the market today;

1. BAU – Business as Usual

Hello, valued customer. It is back to BAU since restrictions have been lifted following COVID-19. Visit our stores and get a chance to win discounts.

2. EOD – End of Day

Dear customer, our Black Friday Sale is only until EOD. Don’t miss out on our great deals this holiday season.

3. WIP – Work in Progress

Dear user, due to maintenance WIP, our service won’t be available from 1 am – 5 am ET. We apologies for the inconvenience.

4. TYVM – Thank You Very Much

TYVM for notifying us that you won’t be able to make your appointment today. If you’d like to reschedule, please reply with yes along with the time and date.

5. SME- Subject Matter Expert

Dear customer, An SME has been assigned to your case following your request for technical support. Please expect a call between 3 pm-4 pm ET.

Common Text Abbreviations Everyone Should Know
Common Text Abbreviations Everyone Should Know

One important thing businesses need to note is that even though text abbreviations are common, there are some dos and don’ts of using them. For instance, it would be unwise to add too many abbreviations in the text message. While customers appreciate businesses speaking their language, no one has the time to decipher messages just to know what you are talking about. Secondly, you have to remain professional in all your text messages and only use abbreviations where needed. No business should consider using ‘2’ instead of ‘to’ or ‘U’ instead of ‘You’. Most importantly, only use abbreviations that your audience will understand otherwise, you might end up creating confusion or even conflict.

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