How to know your customer

How to Know Your Customer Better

If you are looking to promote your business then it’s important to know your customer or the target audience. The most common mistake that businesses make is not getting to know their customers. The spray and pray approach may work a few times. However, for customer retention, it is important to connect to your audience. Let us talk about how to know your customer for the most effective marketing.

Why is it important to know your customer?

Imagine you want to give someone a gift. How hard will it be to find something if you do not know them? Of course, you can get something generic. However, that is a hit or miss. Your safest approach will probably be asking around and ensuring that you know what they want or what they like.

Similarly, when you market your business to your audience, you should at least know their interests, their likes and dislikes, and their reaction to marketing. This information helps to communicate better and devise strategies that are more hit and less miss.

How to know your customer?

To know your customer, you have to spend some time and resources. The result is worth it, though!

  1. Look through Social Media

    Social media is one of the strongest tools of communication. There is a thick chance that your audience is on social media. Hence, you need to start social media listening. Of course, this does not mean going on each person’s social media and looking for them. It means that you need to monitor your brand and where it stands (check Insight reports).

    Look up your brand name and find out what people are saying about it. Look for questions that people ask about your brand. Also, look for links that reference you. However, do not limit this to your brand. Look for the whole industry that your business is based on.

    Social media monitoring takes some time. However, it is quite cheap and very easy once you get the hang of it.
  2. Ask them

    Straight questions get straight answers! This is one thing that every marketing professional should remember. Create a survey and send it to your audience. You can use ExpertTexting to send out mass text surveys. Since text messages have a high open-rate, you can expect quick and efficient responses.

    You can use the two-way messaging service to receive replies. These are easy to monitor later on and track for marketing needs.
  3. Monitor your marketing channels

    A very common mistake that people make is that they do not monitor their marketing channels. Your business may not be using an appropriate channel for marketing and that may cause a major lag in the process. If you are using email marketing, then find out if your emails are well-responded to. However, with an open rate of only about 20%, it is hard to find conversions with emails.

    Using text marketing gives you an open rate of up to 95%. You have a better chance of conversions. Moreover, with a service like ExpertTexting, you can track more than just your messages. For example, if you use a shortened link, you can track the click-through rate.


Now that you know how to know your customer, you can use this data to send more effective strategies. Head over to ExpertTexting and create a well-informed campaign that will work for your audience.  

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