Nightclub Marketing Tips Through Text Messaging

Nightclub Marketing Tips Through Text Messaging

The major foundation of nightclubs is youth and energy! Hence, if you want to market them, then there is nothing better than text messaging. According to Pew Research, 97% of phone owners between the age of 18-29 use texting. Perhaps, this is the only reason you need to include mass texting to get the word out about your nightclub. Here are a few nightclub marketing tips with text messaging.

Nightclub Marketing Tips with Text Messaging

At ExpertTexting, we have witnessed nightclubs using mass texting to get the word out. Here are a few strategies that have worked best.

  1. Advertise your entertainment

    There is no doubt that nightclubs are spread all across the country. With so much competition, you need an incentive that grabs the attention of your target audience. One of the best ways is to advertise your entertainment.

    Send a message if you are hosting a popular DJ, or a band is coming to play at your nightclub. Moreover, you can host an open mic event to give a chance to people to showcase their talent.
  2. Use happy hours

    Happy hours are one of the most common marketing approaches you will find in bars. However, you can mix it up and use it in nightclubs too. Happy hours may include free entries in the club, free drinks for a while, or any other criteria to offer something to your customer.

    Send a message to your audience and tell them about happy hours. If your happy hour is targeted to a particular group – like women, then you can send messages to them only. Use ExpertTexting to make a group for all your female customers and send them the message. Additionally, you can make groups for different types of customers too.
  3. Create contests

    Hosting contests at your club can be a great idea. However, a better idea is to host it over text messaging. You may think about how hosting a text message contest brings you business. Nonetheless, it is all about being smart and creative.

    You can ask questions about your nightclub. Or you can associate with showing up in any other way. Moreover, you can give participants coupons as consolation prizes so they come to your club.

    Creating contests is the easiest thing with a service like ExpertTexting. The two–way messaging feature allows you to receive messages from your audience. Moreover, you can track the responses as well.
  4. Special discounts

    Since text message marketing requires prior expressed consent or ‘opt-ins’, you need to build your list. One way to do it is to promote special discounts and offers for the subscribers. You can put up fliers, advertise on social media, or print up a banner for your front door. Instead of writing your keyword, you can simply print your QR Code. Your customers can scan it and signup easily. Encourage people to opt-in in exchange for benefits.


Text message marketing is one of the best ways to promote your nightclub. If you have not jumped on the bandwagon, then it is time you do. Simply signup to ExpertTexting and begin your promotions.  

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