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Why Text Message Campaigns Work

Text message campaigns have been on the rise since about 2020. Since they are direct marketing, they are the best way to reach out to the audience. However, unlike other direct marketing networks such as email, they tend to work better.

Text message campaigns are highly personal and direct. Apart from this, there are several other reasons why they work best. In this article, we will look into the reasons why text message campaigns work.

The overuse of mobile phones

Before thinking of any other reason why text marketing campaigns work, we sure have this reason. People who have a mobile are keen to have it around them all the time. A study in the United States showed that 44% of people that had a mobile phone even slept with it.

Moreover, another study showed that most Americans always have their phone at least 5 feet away. This shows that the reach of text messages become more prominent. People always are on their phones to ensure that they respond to all of their notifications. Hence, getting a text message is an easier way to catch their attention.

Additionally, since people always travel with their phones, you can reach out to them anywhere and hence, take your business anywhere your customers are.

Highest open rates

No other direct marketing channel has higher open rates text messages. Emails have an open rate of about 18% only. A higher open rate means a bigger reach. With up to 98% open rate, text marketing campaigns allow you to have a bigger and higher reach.

Moreover, research suggested that over 70% of messages are read and responded to within the first 90 seconds of receiving them. This means that text messages are more likely to give you direct results compared to any other channel.


Another reason why text messages work is that they are an instant form of advertising. With traditional ads and even social media ads, you have to rely on the customers’ retention skills. The customer sees the ad, they retain it, and when they have time – or if they remember, they react to it.

However, text messages are almost real-time. If you add a link to your text marketing campaigns, the customer can click on the link instantly. If you have a flash sale, you can send messages on the very day. Moreover, the message is always saved in their phone unless they manually delete them. Hence, customers always have your ‘ad’ with them.

These factors make text messages instantly. Moreover, you do not have to advertise days before your actual promotion starts. Simply send it a day or two earlier or also on that very day.

Bigger Click through rates

Research proves that links in text message campaigns help raise the CTR by up to 45%. Meanwhile, for emails, the click-through rate stays at about 5%. Hence, it means that people are not only reading your messages, they are clicking through links as well and taking action.

Another study suggested that 2/3 of customers who opt into receiving text messages make purchases through them – both online and offline.

Moreover, if you are using ExpertTexting to send our mass text campaigns, you can add a link with the link shortener tool. This tool allows you to compress your link into the fewest possible characters. Moreover, you can track the CTR of the link as well.

No complicated algorithms

One of the best things about text marketing is that the regulatory authorities are quite strict. This means that there is no need for heavy algorithms or filters that block ads. Filters and algorithms can block your regular ads from your target audience.

However, since text marketing does not have them, you do not fight it. However, you do have to make sure that each number you send out a message to, is opt-in.

Permission-based marketing

You cannot send text messages to anyone that has not voluntarily permitted you. That is one rule of text marketing you cannot ever break! There are several list-building tools offered by ExpertTexting that help you gather those opt-ins. These include QR codes, click to join, and keywords.

While building your list is a tricky task, it works in your favor. The people that opt-in are interested in your business and they want you to sell to them. Hence, these people are your highest intent leads. they can give you the most business. Moreover, these are the customers that need retention skills from you.

However, all this is only true if you make sure that they know what they are signing up for.

Easy content

Let’s face it! It does not necessarily take a person with an advanced degree to create a text message. However, for ads, websites, and others, you need a person with proper knowledge.

Text messages are simple and short. You can also add pictures to it with MMS. It takes less than a few minutes to craft one text message.

Or, if you use ExpertTexting, you can use the advance message templates feature. This feature allows you to set up some common messages and send them anytime to any group you like.

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