Post purchase Texting Importance

Post purchase Texting Importance

Text message marketing or mass texting is not only about sending updates or promotions. There is so much more you can do with this service. Text marketing is a form of direct marketing. There is no third party involved to convey your message to your customer. Hence, it can be used to build several different types of relationships with customers. Post-purchasing texting is one of the many things you can do with mass texting. In this guide, we will talk in detail about how you can use them to build your customer retention rate.

A study showed that it takes more effort in bringing a new customer than it does to retain a customer. Hence, you must make smart decisions to ensure that your customer returns. Another research shows that an old customer is more likely to give business than a new customer would.

However, none of the stats work if you do not spend time on customer retention.

What is post purchase texting?

Businesses very commonly use mass texting to enhance the eCommerce experience. Messages like promo codes, delivery notifications, abandoned cart messages, and as such are commonly used to enhance customer experience.

However, most businesses think that once the deal is done, they can raise their hands. Post-purchasing texting is to ensure that your customers do not forget about you. Through this kind of texting, businesses remind customers of their existence. Moreover, it serves as a way to keep customer service even after the experience.

There are several reasons why using mass texting for post-purchasing marketing is best.

  • Text messages have a higher open rate than any other medium
  • Text messages can be personalized
  • Texts are direct to the customer
  • Customers receive texts based on permission
  • Texts allow two-way communication to receive responses
  • And more…

How you can use post-purchasing texting?

Wondering how to use post-purchasing texting? There are several ways to use post-purchasing texting. Here are a couple of ideas to use for your customer retention.

Thank you Messages

Perhaps the most underestimated part of mass texting is the power of a confirmation or ‘Thank You message. Sending a text message to show your gratefulness to the customer makes a world of a difference. It shows that the business is interested in making an effort to ensure that the customer experience was ample. Moreover, it shows the authentication of the business.

If you use ExpertTexting to send out thank you messages, you can take it up a notch. Simply give them the option to reply in case of a query. With two-way messaging enabled on your customer, you can get customer service in your hands. Moreover, customers will not have to wait in long queues and hear the hold music.

Order alerts

If you have ever shopped online, you know the impatience. Ordering online comes with the patience that customers feel. The only thing to make it better? Sending shipment updates makes a world of a difference. It helps people plan their time accordingly. Moreover, it reduces the burden of impatience. Timely and accurate order alerts make online shopping more convenient for the user.

With the right and timely delivery status, you can also protect the parcel. In case the customer has not received it but still gotten the message, you can track the courier and manage any misdeliveries.


Another great way to use post-purchasing texts is for reviews and feedback. Asking for feedback helps you improve your business by knowing what the customer wants. One of the best things to do is to send review or feedback requests when the shopping experience is complete. This allows customers to feel that their voice is important to your business. Additionally, it makes your business seem more authenticated.

Apart from having an advantage over customers, you also have an upper hand in reviews and feedbacks. These reviews help understand the different aspects of your business to improve upon. This post-purchasing technique allows your business to hear the customers’ voice for your business.

If you are requesting reviews on Google or a public space, you are indirectly bringing customers to your business. Studies show that many customers choose a business if it has reviews – both positive and negative.


It is very important to ensure that your business fuels on data. This means that you need to understand and know your customer. You can achieve this by seeing the type of products customers are interested to buy. Once you have this data, you can now move on to cross-selling.

Cross-selling is when you entice the customer to buy relevant products of their previous purchase. For example, if you know that someone purchased beach blankets, you can cross-sell beach balls, umbrellas, and even sunscreen. The process makes purchasing personalized and gives an advantage to your business. Hence, once the order is complete, you can send promotional messages for cross-selling.

Loyalty programs

One of the best ways to retain customers is to create a loyalty program. You can do it by the point system or any other way that is suitable for you. Through the post, purchasing texting sends loyalty programs and their details. Tell them what incentives they get from being a part of the loyalty programs of your business.

Most people are more likely to return for their incentive when you set up VIP programs or loyalty programs.

Begin post purchase texting with ExpertTexting

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