Text KPIs to Measure Campaign Success

Text KPIs to Measure Campaign Success

KPIs are the most important aspect of marketing. The Key Performance Indicators tell you how your marketing strategies are working and what ROI you can expect. The best way to measure KPIs is to get as much data as possible. In this guide, we will tell you texting KPIs to measure campaign success. The following are the SMS marketing metrics that you need to focus on.

Measuring KPIs for Campaign Success

The top marketing KPIs for text messaging may get a little complicated. We have briefed them so you can understand how to calculate them.

  1. Subscribers’ Growth Rate

    The subscriber’s growth rate is one of the easiest ways of measuring the KPI of your campaign. Growth in the subscriber list shows that your marketing strategies are working and you are gaining leads at a steady level.

    However, the subscriber rate does not mean an increasing number only. You need to monitor if you are retaining customers or only adding new subscribers while the other is leaving. If you find the rate declining, then you can change your strategy to improve your percentile.

    Subtract the number of subscribers at the end of the campaign from the subscribers at the beginning. Divide the result by the subscribers at the beginning. The result will tell you about the growth rate.

  2. Click-through rate

    The click-through rate is the number of subscribers that went to the link that you put in your messages. This link can be about promotions, forms, or even the Call-to-Action button.

    Measuring the CTR allows you to know the engagement level of your audience. It helps decipher how many of the subscribers inactive and how many are interested in your brand. With this number, you can strategize again or see retarget your audience.  

    Calculating the CTR is simple. Divide the unique number of clicks with the total number of messages sent. Multiply the result by 100 to get the percentage.

    Or you have a better option. ExpertTexting gives you the analysis of each link that you add to your messages. Simply shorten the link, add it to your message, and wait. Once your CTR starts coming in, the analytics keep informing you about where you stand.

  3. Conversion rate

    No matter what marketing method you use, the conversation rate is directly associated with the rate of the ROI. In text marketing, your leads are the list of subscribers. When they take action, they become your conversion.

    When you monitor your conversion rate, you can manage your approach to the business. Moreover, you can see which campaign is running best and invest more in it.

    With text messaging, you need to see what counts as a conversion. Is it a purchase, or a simple form of communication to the message? Regardless, you need to monitor it.

    Calculating the conversion rate is simple. Simply, divide the number of responses or actions by the number of subscribers in the campaign.

    Once again, ExpertTexting saves you from doing so much math. The stats tell you how many opt-outs, responses, and the number of people you have in a certain campaign.

  4. Opt-outs

    Monitoring the number of opt-outs is another very important KPI that you have to measure. You can choose to monitor them weekly or monthly, whatever suits your business. However, the option of ignoring it for a long time is not a good idea.

    Having a few opt-outs every couple of days is a sign of healthy targeting. However, if you lose too much, then you need to find out where you are wrong.

    The number of opt-outs may not necessarily reflect the subscribers’ growth rate. It may show that you have a bigger number of new subscribers than your retention rate.

    Once you have the numbers you can simply strategize to retain your customers.

    To calculate your opt-outs, simply divide the number of opt-outs during the week or month by the number of subscribers at the beginning of the week or month.

    ExpertTexting makes it even easier for you in this regard too. You have your campaign stats to see how many people chose to opt-out during the campaign.

  5. Response rate

    Another important KPI that tells you about your standing is the response rate. It shows you how many subscribers responded to your campaign and how many did not feel the need.

    The response rate shows how far your lead is and how you can convert. To find the response rate, divide the number of offers redeemed by the number of offers that you sent out.

  6. Cost per subscriber

    Each subscriber that receives a message costs you some money. The cost of each helps marketers analyze the audience and know if text marketing is working for your business.

    To calculate this cost, divide the cost of each delivered message by the conversion rate.

  7. Return on investment rate

    The main KPI out of all these is the return on investment. The money you spend is precious for your business and you need to calculate if it is worth the spending. While calculating the ROI, ensure that you have numbers in the positive to stay clear.

    Calculating the return of investment is easy as well. Simply subtract the value of new subscribers with the cost of the campaign. Divide the total by the cost of the total campaign.

Begin with ExpertTexting

Calculating KPIs to measure campaign success is a very important part of text marketing. While you may have to do some math, ExpertTexting makes it easy for you. You will find a lot of stats to help you manage your text marketing. All this and so much more in a prepaid service so that you do not waste even a penny.

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