Business SMS provides a new channel for engagement

Business SMS provides a new channel for engagement

Mobile devices are now found everywhere. It is not surprising that they affect our lives on a daily basis and have changed the way we interact with each other. Moreover, they have also changed how we access information and how we make purchases. Due to this, businesses are now using Business SMS to promote their goods and services all around the world in real-time. The availability of mass text messaging has been a boost for thousands of business across the US, providing an innovative way to interact with customers and staff outside the facility. The pandemic triggered store closures and stay-at-home orders due to which a strong digital presence was absolutely necessary. This is why business SMS became an instant hit and here are just the top reasons why businesses are never going back to their old ways of communication:

1. A captive audience

Research conducted by different e-commerce marketing platforms revealed that consumers’ perspectives on mobile engagement have evolved. About 10-20 years ago, email was the dominant channel for promotions. Even though it still works fine today, but 61% of consumers say they now prefer text messaging. Social media is hardly in the picture with just over 7%.

According to another study, 48% of all consumers have signed up to receive text messages from at least one brand. The trend accelerated further when COVID-19 entered the scene. During the lockdown, a lot of businesses were working from home which required an effective communication channel. Consumers were captive to their screens and business SMS open rates went through the roof. Be it continuity or revival, text messaging saved a lot of businesses.

2. Business SMS Offers Convenience

Modern businesses understand that convenience and speed are among the main factors behind consumers’ increased willingness to engage through texting. A simple text message can lead customers to your website, walk into your store or just call with questions. The idea is to move to a mobile-first environment in the purchase journey and texting fits into it perfectly. This is because mobile devices are readily available in consumers’ pockets and checked multiple times a day.

3. Swift Response

A business SMS communication strategy centered on promotional, transactional and time-relevant messages gives customers instant access to information and offers they want to see. With effective call-to-action in messages, you can get almost instant responses to your campaigns thereby increasing your sales. Brands understand that leveraging text messages results to highly personalized, real-time, conversational interactions, including targeted promotions.

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