Flash Sale Marketing with Texting

Flash Sale Marketing with Texting

If you are running a retail shop or a store, your business may slow down every once in a while. Perhaps flash sale marketing with the combination of text marketing could make a difference. Businesses always have ups and downs but what’s your comeback to it? You can make your path with text marketing to your customers luring them with a flash sale.

Here’s all you need to know about flash sale marketing!

What is a flash sale?

Flash sales are promotions and discounts offered once in a while for a limited time period. Flash sales are by every business including retailers, restaurants, airlines, etc. Moreover, limited time and stock result in impulse buying.


Flash sales sound better than clearance sales. Mostly, retail stores go for a flash sale when they have to clear old merchandise. The exclusive flash sales effectively bring people to the stores. One of the obvious reasons is the discount on every item. Moreover, when business slows down, flash sales are offered to entice customers to buy on the spot known as impulse buying.

  • Flash sales are offered to draw in customers.
  • It increases foot traffic
  • They help enhance customer retention
  • It boosts the revenue

  1. Creates Urgency

    The stores and brands offer flash sales for a limited period of time. That is why they are called flash sales. The limited-time period creates a sense of urgency in customers. The goal of flash sales is to entice customers to buy on the spot.
  2. Creates a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

    Flash sales always have this prime factor that it creates a FOMO in people. This fear of missing out happens to be the best for any business store or brand. However, the limited availability of stock and time always keep customers alarmed about the sale. People don’t usually miss out on sales. The word ‘sale’ fancies them the most. Customers know that they’ll find their favorite stuff at a discount. These flash sales create curiosity and tempt customers to buy. Flash sales make people think that they miss out on something big if they don’t avail the offer. It drives a large audience to your stores.
  3. Get to know interested customers

    Flash sales give you an opportunity to get to know your customers. For better customer retention, it’s important to know who’s the right customer. It will be a waste of time to go after a customer who is not interested in your products at all. Especially, new customers usually take the benefit of flash sales and explore the stores. Your walk-ins can help you identify the customer and enhance your target audience.
  4. Builds long term relationships

    Customers as acquaintances – means that you should be familiar with your customer’s choice. Customer satisfaction results in customer retention. When you offer things exactly what your customer needs, it builds long-term relationships. As a matter of fact, new customers usually come to the flash sales for a better shopping experience. If the new customers are satisfied with the sale that means that your flash sale has been successful. Moreover, they can acquaint themselves with your brand. 

How to market flash sales with text marketing?

Flash sale marketing is easy and reliable with text marketing.  Text marketing offers several features that help retail stores and e-commerce. Text marketing is no doubt rising high according to the stats. Moreover, people are more likely to receive texts from marketers.

Here’s how you can use text marketing for flash sale marketing!

  1. Increase your list of opt-in customers

    Flash sales can help increase your list of opt-in customers at your shop and stores. You can post the QR code on the walls of your store. Interested people will opt-in easily by just scanning the code. A bigger list means that you can target a large audience for marketing.
  2. Alert your customers

    When you have a list of opted-in customers, you can notify them about the sales, promotion, discounts. You can notify about your flash sale two-three days before the sale. For instance: Quick! Flash sale starts on Monday at 5 pm. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to avail 30% flat on all items.
  3. Campaigns

    You can make a campaign with text marketing. Moreover, you can offer an additional discount to people opting-in to your list. Then, you can send out campaigns to your audience. The campaigns should have something catchy so that customers have an incentive to subscribe. For instance, you can offer an additional discount on top of store-wide discounts. Market this beforehand on all your channels so your list can grow.
  4. Surveys

    Text marketing offers surveys by which you can take feedbacks from the customers. The feedback will eventually enhance customer service on flash sales. For instance: How would you rate us out of 10? These kinds of surveys help businesses to improve their service.

The final word

Flash sale is an epic way to boost your businesses’ revenue. Flash sales are also offered to promote a new brand in the market. All in all, a flash sale is a blazing marketing strategy for generating high revenue. Moreover, flash sales with text marketing help strengthen your business and brand. Get started with ExpertTexting to boost your flash sale with text marketing.

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