Build a Powerful SMS Subscriber List for Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

While marketing your products or services, you need a perfect storm of credibility, reputation and revenue to boost your business into success. In the middle of running a business; maintaining your website, working on your products, and engaging with your customers can be difficult. Plus, businesses that decide to get started with SMS Marketing often don’t know where to begin.

Since SMS marketing is a permission-based activity, a lot of them don’t have a subscriber list to send messages. Even if they have one, there is always room for more potential customers and chances are that the old subscriber list is not bringing the results you desire. So, here’s what you can do to build a powerful SMS subscriber list for your future Text Marketing campaigns;

Utilize SMS Marketing Features to Streamline Your Messaging

The best thing about using SMS marketing to build your subscriber list is that people choose to signup, which means less work for you. On Experttexting, we offer four main tools to manage your subscribers:

1. SMS Marketing Groups

If you have a list of subscribers already, you can organize them immediately for targeted text messages based on different segmentation factors like; age, gender, preference, location and time among other relevant factors. This way the right message will go to the right audience at the right time.

2. Keywords

Keywords are short words related to your business or product used to trigger a response from your audience. They allow your potential customers to join your group messaging contact list from their phones. For instance, a band can have fans text “Concert” to 66599. As a result, they would get an automated call-to-action response for more information regarding discounts, merchandize and updates, etc.

3. QR Codes

People these days are a lot more tech-savvy and when it comes to SMS marketing, QR codes are really in these days. So, instead of texting a keyword to a short code, users can simply have prospects scan a code and be added to their subscriber list for future campaigns. Plus, this allows marketers to be more creative by posting these codes in different places such as social media, website, flyers, merchandise and packaging as well.

4. Signup Widgets

An online presence is essential in the modern business world since your website is probably the first place visitors are going to land. Sign up Widgets are the latest addition to online subscription in which businesses place a simple form on their website for prospects to fill and be directly added to your subscriber list on your Experttexting account. Plus, you can design your own widgets with your logo, widget name, text, subscriber information, and other variables.

Each of these features can help build your subscriber list for your SMS marketing campaigns. Here are some quick ways you can have people use any of these features to subscribe;

  1. Ask customers at your store to register
  2. Add your subscription details or QR code to your packaging or receipts
  3. Display signup forms at events and conferences
  4. Advertise on social media and your website
  5. Ask existing contacts to spread the word

Now that you know the basics of building your own subscriber list, you can start reaching out to them right away.

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