Is Free Text Messaging Really Free?

Is Free Text Messaging Really Free?

We have all heard this before, nothing is free, especially when it comes to business. Free will always cost you something and any company that offers you value for nothing is expecting something in return. This may be your information, time, or your money. Yet, consumers seem to easily succumb to free offers. Marketers have been at this for a long time, and since we show up almost all the time, why would they ever stop? Businesses have long engaged in serving up a lot of free. So much so, that it has become common practice in sales and marketing in driving response and increase engagement. The texting industry is no different. Today, you can find thousands of services offering free text messaging around the world. But the question remains the same; is free really free? We believe that it is every consumer’s responsibility to select and limit what is offered for free. Decisions should be based on the general economics rule of thumb that everything costs something.

At Experttexting, we like to maintain a strict customer-centric approach which includes educating prospects, not just about the benefits of text messaging for business or how they could apply it to their use case effectively but also the best practices of text messaging according to the destination. We are a paid service and we charge per text. However, we offer $1.00 upon sign up to new customers to test the delivery of messages on a trial basis. After testing, they can upgrade to unlock the full features of the service and send custom text messages. So, without further ado, let us dive into why you shouldn’t opt for a free text messaging service but rather go for a paid, professional, compliant and effective text messaging service like Experttexting:

1. Your Data is the Product

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone in this modern age that businesses have become data-driven in all aspects of how they function, market and drive growth in their ventures. Data is involved with nearly all aspects of sales and marketing today and fuels the pipelines for opportunities, so there shouldn’t be a surprise when you receive unsolicited calls, emails or even a knock on your door after you responded to free. All these services need to make money somehow to remain in their business and a golden rule of thumb is that if you are not paying for the text messages you are sending out, then you and your data are the product. So, they can find other ways to make money such as selling your contacts, email address, personal information and even your website address to other companies. A recent survey of 2,000 consumers in the U.S found that over 91 percent of people consent to legal terms and services conditions without reading the fine print. This number is even higher for people between 18-34 at 97 percent. Free services take advantage of this and by accepting, we often provide them total legal immunity.

2. No or Limited Customer Service

These free text messaging services offer no help to new or old users. You will have to set up your account on your own with the help of very limited and poorly presented information. Plus, there are telecom rules and regulations at play in all destinations around the world and failing to comply with them could land you or your business in some serious trouble. At Experttexting, we have a 24/7 customer service to help you will all of your queries, guide you regarding the best practices and set up your account according to your requirement. Using a free text messaging service, you are pretty much on your own.

3. Technical Support and Backup

At Experttexting, we provide our services to over 200 countries worldwide. On top of this, we also have multiple back up or alternative options for delivery as well as a diagnostic team in direct communications with the carriers. This is something you cannot expect from a free text messaging service.

4. Free Text Messaging Distributes Malware

Free text messaging services are notorious for distributing malware. This may be due to their poor security on their websites, or they could also be doing it for monetary benefits. Either way, this may hurt your efforts and make your data and devices vulnerable.

5. Annoy Your Target Audience Which Leads to Customer Attrition

Free text messaging services may be involved in selling your contacts, and they can be bought by people who do not care about the law. For instance, they could use your own contacts to send hundreds of text messages and annoy your customers who will eventually opt-out from receiving text messages from you as well. Text messages are strictly monitored by the carriers. Any form of misuse could land you in trouble which is why free text messaging services cannot be trusted. We are all aware of security threats in the digital world.

6. Irrelevant Advertisements

Most of these free texting services are supported by advertisements. Statistically, this is a serious distraction while managing your account and campaigns. Plus, these ads may not be pleasing or may contain unwanted content and if you are planning to use this for your business, you might want to reconsider.

7. These Companies Can Disappear at Any Time

A free text messaging company can decide to pack up their business and go anytime. They would simply have to shut down their website and servers. Hence, you will lose all your data and their terms of service give them full legal protection to do so.

Experttexting offers a complete text messaging solution for businesses of all scales without any compromise on quality. We don’t sell our services. We sell solutions, ideas, and benefits to our customers. This ensures that they can channel the true potential of texting and build customer relationships to expand their business network. Join now and explore for yourself, and if you need any assistance, we are here at your service any time.

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