How to Pick Your Keyword Perfectly

How to Pick Your Keyword Perfectly

One of the best ways to promote your business is with keywords. When you pick your keyword, you provide your customers the shortest and easiest way to interact with you. Moreover, you allow your customers to voluntarily subscribe to receiving your business messages when you pick your keyword. But what is the keyword all about?

In this guide, we will tell you everything you should know about acquiring the perfect keyword for your business.

What is a text keyword?

When a business acquires a number for texting, they need to invite people to subscribe. This is called an opt-in. Text marketing laws require you to explicitly get prior express consent from the people you message for marketing and promotions. If someone texts your business number, they may just want to ask you something. The suggestiveness of nature makes it illegal for you to send them promotions.

So, how do you discriminate?

Here are where Keywords enter! Text keywords are a phrase or an alphanumerical set of numbers. These work in several ways. If you use ExpertTexting, you can get an unlimited option of choosing your keywords. Each keyword makes a group. This means that if your keyword is ‘Promotions’, whenever someone sends the keyword, they get added to the group where they can receive your promotional messages.

For example, if you run a restaurant. You can have multiple keywords. Like ‘Dinners’, ‘Lunches’, ‘Specials’, or more like that. You can give your customers the option to select what kind of updates they would like to receive. These segmentations help you get more and better leads that can convert and give you a higher ROI.

Keywords can be alphabets or alphanumerical 4-11 characters long. However, it might be slightly confusing to get the one that works the best!

Read on to know how you can pick your keyword for effective text marketing.

How to pick your keyword?

Your keyword will play a huge part in representing your business. In just a few characters, you need to make your business stand out. The pressure can be overwhelming. Here is everything you need to do to pick the perfect keyword.

  1. Keep it simple

    Complicated keywords do not mean that they are good. Of course, you need to make it unique, but remember that it should still be approachable to the naked eye and the layman. You will be advertising this keyword everywhere so it’s best to use a phrase associated with your brand and not something generic.

  2. Make it memorable

    When you advertise your keyword, you are counting on the retention of your audience so that they can subscribe. This is the reason why your approach to picking a keyword should be memorable. Make it as easy to remember as possible. While you can add numbers as well, try not to complicate the keyword by adding numbers unnecessarily.

    The simplest of words can prove to be memorable and associated with your brand.

  3. Make it unique

    With all that being said, you still cannot get away with something as common as JOIN. Since you aim to ensure that people remember your keywords, you need to make them stand out. However, note that it should not be so unique that people get confused. Never use a regular word and make it complicated. For example, if your keyword is ‘COFFEE’, do not try to stand out by making it ‘KOFFEE’. While there is nothing wrong with the phrase, it can be confusing. Imagine when you advertise your keyword, your customer may retain the word COFFEE with your number. However, it is easy to forget that it was spelled with a ‘K’.

    If your business or brand name has a unique spelling, try to make the keyword easy to spell and remember. Or, you can choose another phrase for a keyword.

  4. One simple word

    Since keywords do not allow spaces, using more than one word can be very hectic. Your subscriber may easily forget that there is no space. Moreover, when they send the message, it becomes null and void and you do not get the subscribers.

    Hence, keeping it together by using one word helps reduce complications. Moreover, it helps in remembering the keyword more easily than when there are multiple words involved.

  5. Autocorrect awareness

    Autocorrect can be your best friend or worst enemy when you text. Hence, it is important to remember its existence when you set your keyword. Hence, you have to be mindful. If you choose to be creative by spelling a word differently, autocorrect may catch it and you can lose a subscriber.

    There are several ways around it. The first is to test your keyword on different phones to see how it reacts. If you are adamant about using a certain keyword that autocorrect may change, you can claim both variations. This allows you to remain creative along with reducing the error rate.

What’s the next step?

Once you have the perfect keyword for your subscribers to opt-in, it is time for the next step. Now you have to get the word out about your keyword so that your customers can use it to opt-in to receive your promotional messages.

Before you truly begin text message marketing, you will need some help from traditional methods to advertise your keyword. You can put it up on your social media, newspapers, billboards, flyers, DVCs, TVCs, and anywhere there is an audience.

If you use a service like ExpertTexting, then you can make it easier for your audience to sign up for your list. Against every keyword, ExpertTexting generates a QR code. The QR code is an easier way to subscribe to your list. Your customer simply has to scan and go. Watch the video below for more details.

Another way to move about is to use multiple keywords. As mentioned earlier in this article, you can select different keywords to segment your audience into groups. This helps in customizing your customers’ experience in receiving the promotional messages.  

Begin with ExpertTexting

ExpertTexting is a mass texting service that allows you to set your keyword and begin text marketing. ExpertTexting allows you to have multiple keywords on one number. Moreover, you have other aids too to help your audience sign up for your business.

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