Text Marketing for Travel Industry: A Guide

The traveling industry is rising day by day. People travel to explore new cultures, places, and styles of living. However, there’s a basic need for a marketing platform for tourism. The best way of marketing traveling industry is through texting. This method is more personal and very effective.  

Marketing travel industry can be done in a few ways. Here is how:

  1. Bookings and confirmations

    Travel always causes hustle-bustle for almost everybody.  You can keep your customers updated with mass texting. Moreover, you can send a booking text message along with a confirmation text message to the customer. These SMS are very helpful to keep the person updated on their bookings.

  2. Reminders

    People make bookings. Sending reminders a few days before their plans is a great marketing tip. You can simply send personalized mass messages and remind them about their trips.

  3. Customer support

    Customer support is of vital importance for every business. In tourism, great customer support results in a return of customers! You can use mass texting in several ways for support. For example, they can text you for flight details.
  4. Marketing Seasonal Promotions

    Tourism is a great market in holidays. If you miss your chance, you may miss business! Get the word out with mass texting on special occasions.
  5. Alerts

    Flight timings changed? Text your customers! Sending alerts for the flight plans helps your customers. Keep them in the loop by telling them if there are changes in the itinerary.

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