When were smartphones invented

When Were Smartphones Invented?

As of February 2021, there are 3.80 billion people using smartphones around the world. 81% of Americans use smartphones. However, this was not always the case. Smartphones did not come into the market for a long time after mobile devices were there. Today, let us talk about when were smartphones invented.

1992 – the first smartphone ever!

While we usually think that smartphones were introduced in the 21st century, we cannot be more wrong. So, when were smartphones invented? The first time the term ‘Smartphone’ was used was back in 1992. IBM created the Simon personal communicator but it did not hit the market before 1994.

This smartphone could send and receive faxes, e-mails, pages, and was the touchscreen. Moreover, you could handwrite notes and save them on the phone.

2000 – photography meets the phone

While the world was stunned with the smartphone of the time, in 2000 Sharp introduced the J-SH04 in Japan. This mobile phone was the first ever to have a camera in the phone. Moreover, it weighed only about four ounces which made it even more special.

The camera of the phone was 110,000 pixels, but it was the best of its time!

2001 – the internet is now in your hands

2001 was a game-changer for phones. Mobile devices used the 3G network system to connect wirelessly. Internet and everything it brought became more accessible. The mobile phone could now send emails, videos, and much more.

However, only a certain group of people could access this luxury. The phone itself was quite expensive, adding the data cost made the price skyrocket!

2007 – Apple takes over!

When the world thought that there is nothing else to do with mobile devices, Apple entered the game and changed it forever! In 2007, Steve Jobs announced the first-ever iPhone. The features were endless and third-party applications made it even better.

Features include a wide LCD screen, lightweight, and full internet capabilities. Jobs called this invention ‘a revolutionary product that is five years ahead of any other mobile phone.”

Not long after that Google brought android to the market and introduce more accessible smartphones.

2021 – the advancing does not stop…

Apple’s iPhone changed the world!

Today, the limits of the smartphone seem to be endless. They seem to extend to smartwatches and more. The world is more in our hands than it was ever. Today, 47% of US users say that they might die without their phones.

Smartphones and text marketing

Smartphones have played a huge role in revolutionizing marketing. Text marketing is one of the best examples. Since most people have a smartphone (or a simple mobile device for that matter) it is easier to send texts.

Text messages are revolutionized with mobile devices all the way along. For example, you can send multiple messages, but they send as one with concatenation. Before text messaging on phones, there were pagers. These pagers allowed only 160 alphanumerical characters. This system carried on with the phones as well. Hence, we have 160 characters only. However, with smartphones, multiple messages send as one!

Moreover, text messaging allows you to send hyperlinks with images. These allow your users to access the website there and then!

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