SMS vs Social Media Marketing – Which One is Better?

SMS vs Social Media Marketing – Which is Better?

Marketing goes hand in hand with trends. The right channels of communication make marketing more efficient. Hence the question of SMS marketing vs Social Media Marketing.

65% of the world’s population uses text messages. 51% of people use social media globally. Both of these are quite high numbers and may bring great results. But let us discuss them in detail and see which one may work best.

Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is the reach is immense. People of all ages, races, and locations use some form of social media. Hence, your target audience becomes much bigger than you could imagine.

However, social media marketing is almost like ads or TVCs. You can put your adverts up and increase the reach. However, you may not get a quick conversion on your leads.

There are so many different social media channels and each one has a separate demographic. Hence, social media marketing is mostly about omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel marketing requires you to put up your adverts on each channel. However, none of these ads can be the same.

You will have to use a different approach for your Instagram audience than you will for your LinkedIn audience.

Regardless of what channel you use, social media marketing has great communication as well. Your customers can reach directly to you.

Text Message Marketing

Text Message or SMS marketing is quite different than Social Media Marketing. Text message marketing is known for being very high intent and generates quick and direct results. It is unlike traditional ways of advertising where one relies on the memory of their target audience. The open rate of text messages goes over 95% which means that the sent message is at least read.

Text messages have a click-through rate of up to 50%. This means that half the people you send marketing messages to can become your converted lead.

The reach is quite vast as well. You do not need a fancy phone, an account, or anything to receive a text message. However, there is a small catch.

Text message marketing requires people to opt-in to receive messages. You may have to use creative ways to get people to opt-in to receive messages from your business. Moreover, the laws around it are pretty strict.

SMS vs Social Media Marketing – What to pick?

While both have their pros, both have drawbacks too. Hence, choosing the right one is tricky. The best way to go about it is to use both for their intended purpose.

You can use media-rich content with Social media marketing. However, when you want to get the word out in a jiffy, then text messages work the best.

While text messages have better ROI and a faster deliverability rate, you need a way to help people enroll in the list. To do that, social media is one of the best tools you can use.

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