Texting and Driving Habit is not easy to Break

Texting and Driving Habit is not easy to Break: (Here is how to do it)

Texting and driving is a bad habit no matter how good you are behind the wheel. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting and using digital devices are the leading cause of road accidents. The following are some interesting statistics:

  1. Texting and driving increases the chances of an accident occurrence by 23 times
  2. 11 teenagers die every day due to texting while driving
  3. It causes 1.6 million accidents annually.
  4. It is 6 times more dangerous than drinking and driving

Distractions behind the wheel are a common problem but they are 100 percent avoidable. Calls and messages can wait and there is no reason to believe that not answering your boss, friend, client or relative while driving is impolite. There is no reason to endanger yourself or those in your vehicle for something that can definitely wait or be done by someone else.

Experttexting believes that it is our responsibility to not only cater to all your texting needs but also to spread awareness on important issues which is why we have complied a list of solutions to texting and driving:

1. Keep your phone on Silent mode while driving

Setting your phone to silent more is a smart way to avoid any distractions while driving. Turning your phone off is a bit extreme but also recommended for those who have a habit of being attached at all times. Even if there are no messages or calls, a curious person will still check just in case. This is the most pre-meditated effort to the texting and driving problem.

2. Switch to Airplane Mode

Switching to Airplane mode while driving is a better alternative to switching off your phone. Apart from just texting, it also stops other notifications temporarily such as Facebook or instant messaging apps. The Airplane mode not only turns of your data but also turn off Wi-Fi in case you’re one of those people who have per-installed Wi-Fi devices in your car.

3. Smart Phone Apps

This a great time to live in with all these apps and technology. Amazingly, there are apps available to help reduced texting and driving such as Apple’s “don not disturb while driving”, Text Ninja and some text to speech apps that read out your texts.

4. Let Someone Else Text

If it’s really important that you must check or respond to a text message, have the person riding shotgun or in the back seat do it for you. Passengers don’t mind reading or responding to your texts. In fact, they should offer to do it since they are riding the same vehicle as you.

5. Phone Docks

Not everyone is going to stop texting and driving for different reasons. So, if we cannot avoid risk, we can at least mitigate it. Phone docks come in handy for navigation purposes and ensure that your phone is in an easy to view place. This ensures that even while you text or drive, or use your phone, you’re still less distracted as compared to holding your phone and doing the same.

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