Fourth Of July SMS Marketing Campaign

How to Create an Amazing Fourth Of July Text Marketing Campaign?

Businesses are looking to reinvent themselves following the impact of the pandemic on global economies. Normally, the holiday season starts off with Halloween which is a few months away but with everything going on, businesses are looking to modify their marketing strategies and get their revenue streams going again. It’s about time to set up a fourth of July text marketing campaign to turn things around.

And what better holiday to revive your business than our Independence Day? Consumers are looking for something to be happy about this summer and you can use this opportunity to score loyal customers for the future. So, before you warm up the barbeque grill, set up your text marketing campaign and let your audience know what you have in store for them.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Create a Holiday Theme for Fourth of July text Marketing Campaign

If you look up the Fourth of July on search engines, most search results would be related to events, fireworks, and food, and then comes its history and what it’s all about. There are many business industries that target customers on Independence Day to build up for future campaigns in the holiday season. So, whatever you’re promoting, give it a Red, White & Blue finish. This is real-time marketing equivalent to promoting ice-cream on a hot summer’s day.

2. Use Holiday Themed Keywords

Keywords help make a noise, paint a picture, and otherwise get your audience’s attention. Retail giant 7-ELEVEN is known for using bulk SMS to send marketing promotions to its customers using their Slurpee cups. Customers can text the word “Flavor” and send it to their shortcode to get discount offers and even download their app. Why not do something similar for your products or services with a holiday twist?

3. Sales, Sales & Sales

Your text won’t matter unless you give consumers what they want. Consumers are looking for the best discounts, and our Independence Day is no exception. Discounts are also the most important reason why companies choose a business according to a survey by MarketingProfs. So, whether you’re in retail, restaurant, travel or any other industry, add special promotions targeting the 4th of July spirit. It could be anything from $4.00 off on every product, 7.4% discount, or get even more creative by adding all Red, White & Blue items on sale.

4. Add CTA to your Fourth of July Text Marketing Campaign

Share offers somewhere it’s entirely relevant to people. For instance, people buying the new PlayStation 5 and see a CTA telling them to send an SMS to get a discount on games when they buy the console, they’ll be much more likely to text. The same goes for any complementary products and possible combinations you can throw in. Your campaign is only as good as your ROI, so work on that before you send out your text marketing campaign.

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