Powerful “Text notification services api” to protects all your applications and in-app activities and keep you safe and secure!

Text notification services or SMS verification services help you and your apps to stay safe from unwanted accesses or hacks. They are there to automatically filtering out scammers and fraudsters from gaining access to your applications to keeps the owner’s safe from chargebacks and unwanted legal proceedings.

These services work by integrating a two-factor verification process in the applications. Which requires a user to enter the second set of code to access various in -app activities. This second code is sent through the means of an automated text messaging service on users personal working numbers to ensuring his/her legitimacy.

Moreover using texting services you can also send out various applications and notification updates to hundreds of your users.

Also, when it comes to marketing and promotion of your applications this service can prove highly profitable and cost effective.

When it comes to security

Due to recent increase in cyber crimes, indigenous hacking activities and malware threats, it is becoming harder every day to keep your applications and data absolutely secure from fraudsters and spammers.

Even if you have a good security system in place against malicious activities, you may never know when any of the sensitive information like email and passwords are stolen from you and used against you.

Nowadays it is necessary for applications to have a proper security system in place if they want to keep their users using them because everyone prefers a safer and secure channel for sharing information.

Read below to find out how texting services improve your security and strengthen the user’s trust in your applications, at a very affordable cost, making them beneficial for everybody.

Two-factor authentication (Text notification services)

You are only required to copy and paste few lines of code into your application for adding an extra this level of security to them.

It works simply by verifying the user twice through two different methods. In the first step, his /her email address and password is verified and then his/her provided cell number.

Email and password are verified online, whereas for cell numbers an automatically generated one-time code is sent on them. This One-time code is automatically sent through the means of texting services, which he/she must enter to verify and proceed.

This process makes it further difficult for someone to hack or gain unauthorized access to the application. If in case, the cell number is stolen or lost it can be reported and blocked instantly thus making valuable information inaccessible and secure.

Other uses of texting services in Mobile applications

This can also be used as text notification services, to send alerts and reminders regarding in-app purchases and activities. Moreover, owner’s can use them to alert users of new offers and upgrades to the applications.

In addition to everything, texting service is also a far better method for keeping the “spam bots” out during sign-ups. They can make certain of human involvement by texting a sign-up verification code.

Furthermore, using it to market your applications and promote their features to various people can prove to be very fruitful.

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