Using text alert services for software you can keep them in check and get notified in real time of their activities and status!

The “texting service API” allows you to monitor your system software’s status immediately from anywhere in the world. Whereas, you can send various commands to them through texting.

Not only that but these services can also keep your software safe from authenticated accesses and prevent security breaches. Just by updating you instantly of anyone trying to misuse them.

As compared to other services this is most cost effective and easy to be implemented into your software.

Read below and find out its uses for different cases when it comes to software.

When it comes to keeping in checks

By integrating texting services in your software, you can always keep yourself informed of their current status. You can get instant notifications of your system regarding their up time, down time, core temperature, start-ups, and shut downs etc. easily.

When it comes to system hardware

Using texting services in your system software you can always keep your hardware’s in check and monitor their health status on your cell phone.

When it comes to remote operation

Texting can be a great mean for remotely operating your system software’s. By sending specific text for a specific command you can operate your system remotely.

When it comes to upgrades

For your software users, use this to keep them notified of various new security updates and features. By sending out text messages within seconds to everybody.

When it comes to security

This can significantly improve your security by keeping an eye on every new login and logout to update you on any unusual activity. Furthermore, also you can use it to block or grant approvals to the users for using your software.

When it comes to troubleshooting

You can also use these services to get instant alerts for various issues and technical problems and help fix them in time.

When it comes to using it for promoting your software’s

Text marketing for software is also a great way for people to know about your new and upcoming software and their features.

When it comes to alerting and notifying people regarding your software

You can set-up text alert services for software to notify users and alert them of their upcoming payment dates or regarding their login time and details. Moreover, you can also set notifications for critical system alerts and be able to respond immediately.

When it comes to running a cost-effective operation

Texting services are the strongest and most affordable means of communication throughout the world. Because they offer non-stop 24/7 services without requiring the viewer to have an internet connection to view them.

Starting out using text alert services for software

All you need to do is integrate few lines of already ready code elements in your software to get started. After that, you can send and receive text messages directly from your software. Or You can also have your software send them out on various occasions as you prefer.

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