Every sale begins with a single point of contact almost always through cell phones! Making real estate text message marketing a game changing service for you.

Texting services are very fast and powerful medium for communicating with potential home buyers, brokers, landlords, and tenants and start making progress immediately. It allows them to communicate with hundreds of individuals looking for opportunities, in seconds.

These services are all available from a single SMS portal to send and receive all the text messages and then automatically sort out potential buyers and interested investors. Thus, helping you close deals even faster.

Moreover, real estate text message marketing services save time and money that you spend on marketing and promotion campaigns by thousands, while not compromising on the quality of your service. Resulting in more profitable business.

When it comes to Real-estates Text Message Marketing

Reaching out to the list of potential investors and buyers on time is very crucial in this industry. Several direct or indirect methods such as e-mails or calling services can be used.

But getting to the investor before your competitors can be bit complicated and tougher than it sounds. It requires a quality work force and heavy investment on your part to make it all actually possible.

Also, if you want to keep your investor or interested people happy then you need to ensure quality and fast communication service for them because no one likes to be kept “On Hold”!

For large real estate agencies or the ones having to respond to multiple incoming e-mails and phone calls daily can be a hectic work. Whereas, this often results in valuable customer being overlooked and neglected.

Texting solution for Real-estates (Real estate Text Message Marketing)

For real estate’s when it comes to reaching out and notifying people no other service is better and more inexpensive.

Read below to find out how this service helps you.

  1. Real estate text message marketing. By using these service to reel out new investors and buyers and adding them to your list. You can do this by advertising your text messaging numbers on property sales signs, posters, and ads. This makes it easy for people to get in touch with you instantly using cell phones. In addition to that, you can also use these services to automatically reply to the specific received text. 
  2. For Real estate business texting. Use it to shoot out to your current list of investors and property buyers regarding open houses and upcoming auctions. In the same way, using texting services you can set automatic reminders for them. Similarly, you can use this method to also confirm the number of participants by asking them to reply to your text messages.
  3. Use SMS portal for everything. Use special features to help you automatically sort out specific types of investors and buyers. Thus, saving loads of time for more profitable business.
  4. One Source Global reach. And the best part is that SMS portal is accessible from anywhere in the world. This makes sure that you never miss out on important business deals and be always able to help your clients.

In addition to above-mentioned benefits of real estate texting, there are other countless possibilities for real estate’s using texting services. For instance, you can use it to rapidly reach out to international property investors and buyers and let them know of sudden price drops in the market or new property rates etc., depending on how you utilize them, you can use it in all your real-estate transactions and processing’s as you see fit.

Extra tips and tricks

Some extra tips to get you ahead of your competitor.

  1. Create your own estate agency “text service”, which people can contact and sign-up to receive updates and alerts via messages from you.
  2. Use text services for receiving market updates and feedbacks from your investors and buyers. Simply, by texting them and asking them to reply back, so you always stay ahead in terms of knowledge.
  3. Set it automatically to respond to specifically received text messages by asking people to text specific keywords for properties. Example for the property at 21 main street ask them to text with “22MAIN” at your number to receive the required details of that property only.
  4. Use autoresponders with it to make it hassle free for you and your audience.

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