Health care texting services provides users with an instant and secure communication channels for both patients and staff, in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

These services help keep regular checks on your patients and staff, by providing everybody with a safer and faster communication channel. They are used to make sure that no-one misses out on important dates and appointments.

This is all through a “Texting service api” for your healthcare system providing you with both send and receive functionality directly from them. Ultimately, helping you provide better services and support to both patients and customers.

Benefits of health care texting services for systems

1. Attend to hundreds of inquiries daily through texts instead of calls.

For hospitals and pharmacies having to deal with numerous calls on a daily basis can be very stress-full and can have important people being overlooked.

Whereas for clinics and hospitals having an inbuilt texting service makes responding to them extremely simple and fast, giving them the ability to handle all their interaction directly through their system.

2. Notify patients regarding refills and renewals on their prescription.

For pharmacies, sending texts to their customers for scheduled refills and renewals becomes easy and results in profitable business. 

Moreover, customers would very much appreciate a notification text that reminds them to pick up their medications.

3. Increase patient’s attendance rate and save resources

Easily remind people of their routine check-ups and tests through texting and ask them to reply back for confirmation. In the same way, people will remember their appointments dates or let you know before head if they are busy.

4. Increase reach.

Use it in your awareness and marketing programs to reach out to people faster and collect their response by asking them to reply back to your text messages.

5. Go an extra mile when it comes to helping people out

Moreover, you can use these services to notify people of your health care services and provide them with all the details to make things easier for them.

6. Provide test results and schedule appointments through cell phone.

Furthermore, have people text you for various details and after confirming provide them with their medical results through text messages. Whereas, you can also setup numerous appointments and schedules over text messages making it easy for everybody.

7. Keep up with your staff.

Similarly, keep all doctors and maintenance workers notified of their day’s work by texting them the required details. Also, you can easily send alerts for upcoming meetings and scheduled appointments automatically.

What “ExtpertTexting” offers you?

Over here we deliver our clients and customers with an easy to integrate “texting api” for their systems. Our “API” is tested and proven to work trouble-free with almost all current system softwares and applications.

Whereas, for ensuring privacy we serve our “API” only on encrypted HTTPS protocol and do not support an unencrypted channel. As a result of it, your data stays completely secure from hackers and fraudsters.

This “texting api” of ours provides users with send and receive features along with payment and accounts setting to make everything direct and easy for them.

In addition to everything, our health care texting services  also comes along with free customer care support to help you with everything and ensure a quality hassle-free experience.

So sign-up now for a free trial and get 125+ plus texts absolutely free.

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