Double your revenues by providing lighting fast services and updates to your customers and guests using the best hotel alert services.

In industry where quality customer relationship is vital for business. Texting services are the thing that’s been changing the game for various hotels and lodging providers throughout the world. Moreover, when it comes to engaging customers directly there is no better option.

These services not only let you sent out various alerts and notification texts regarding availability of roams and space in seconds, but also for staying guests it provides new and improved quality services on the tip of their hands, using cellphones.

Form a single platform or multiple as you prefer you can send and receive instant text replies to guests, customer and even your staff. And keep everything in check for better productivity and services worldwide.

It’s an all in one solution that can also be automated for instant replies. Whereas, it is simply the best for season based marketings and promotions of your services throughout the world.

When it comes to your Hotel and lodging services (or Hotel alert services)

Hotel alerts services or SMS lodging services is what you need for better quality support and assisting of your guests that differentiates you from all others, while cutting down your marketing and customer support expenditures by thousands.

Read below to further know how it can benefit you

1. Number one Marketing

When it comes to season based promotions and marketing’s to encourage bookings and reservations or simply to alert interested audience of your upcoming offers worldwide, hotel alert services simply outweigh their competitors. As they are instant and provides a hassle free two-way communication between you and your audiences, your receiver can simply reply back for further details from anywhere in the world on your number.

2. SMS alerts and notifications.

SMS services are the best for sending all your guests different notifications of their subscribed services or for conformations of there bookings. Texting is much better and productive than other means which requires them to be logged into anything for viewing alerts.

Also, you can directly text your visitors regarding any maintenance issue or various extra service timings and keep them updated all the way through.

3. Outstanding customer experience 

By providing everything from reservations to checkout though the means of texting services you can ensures that your customer gets all his/her needs fulfilled through the means of simple text messages.

Also by providing them with a simpler “Thank you and feel free to contact this number for anything” text you can ensure a satisfied guest and can expect him/her to come back to avail your services next time as well.

4. Keep your staff in check

Using hotel alert services you can also keep you staff informed and ready for action at all times. Reach out to them on short notices and inform them of all the upcoming guests needed arrangements instantly.

5. Global reach

It does not matter even if your customers are international. You can offer them easy bookings and reservation services through the means of simple text messages. Whereas, you can also text them their reservation details, and make everything simple and easy from anywhere in the world.

This help you to grow your business abroad easily and have a wider reach.

What ExpertTexting has for you?

We over here provide you with the complete solution that you need to improve the quality of your service. By simply making it easier for both your local and international clients to reach you instantly through text messages.

We ensure you hassle free quality services through the means of our easy and simple to use dashboard. The dashboard is accessible throughout the world from anywhere. And it allows you to send and receive text messages throughout the world from one simple platform.

Also, our customizable “api” is compatible with almost every CRM and auto-responder applications. That can be used to send out various alerts and notifications for reservations and bookings automatically from your current system.

With our back-up network carriers throughout the world and premium free customer support services we make sure that your text gets delivered on time, along with that we offer you with the most inexpensive rates in the market.

So sign-up now with us for a free trail now. And get on the substantial revolution that is sweeping the hotel and lodging industry.

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