Gym Marketing for Opening Day Events

Gym Marketing for Opening Day Events

If you are opening a new gym, or your gym is opening in a new location, then text marketing will make a huge difference. Gyms are one of the fastest-growing industries in the US. Hence, the market is very saturated and requires you to use the best and most effective marketing techniques to have a kickstart. Gym Marketing with text messaging is one of the best ways to engage with your audience.

Your gym opening is one of the most important days for your business. You will have plenty of different opportunities. Of course, you can get a bunch of walk-ins; people who will look around, and ‘window shop’. However, text marketing allows you to make those leads into retaining customers. Let us see what you can do on your open day to make it most fruitful. 

What to do on your opening day?

While picking out the right music, food, and decorations is important, it may not get you sales. Your open day should come with a target. Do not blindly launch your gym and be happy with whatever business you get that day. The best way to go about it is to have a target and then use text marketing to reach that target. To measure your first ever KPI, try to count how many people showed up and then how many registered.

However, to do anything, you need to have your target audience set. You can ask the following questions to set a target and target audience.

  1. What age group will attract my gym?
  2. Is it for a particular gender?
  3. What is my locality according to the distance?
  4. Why will people come to my gym other than going to another gym?
  5. What are trainer requirements?

All these questions build up a potential aim that your gym opening should have.

Set marketing goals

Once you have your target set, it is time to work on targeting your audience through mass texting. Here is how you can make evites that help in marketing as well as gaining foot traffic.

  1. Define your invite

    Before you look out to do anything, you need to define the kind of invite you want to send out. The invite will be according to the audience in your mind.

    Using evites is the perfect way to send out invitations. Evites over text messages cost much less. If you want something even better, then use ExpertTexting for your mass texting needs. ExpertTexting charges only by each message that you send out. Instead of buying plans that waste your money, prepaid service is a better option.

    Now that you know your channel, it is time to decide the content of the message. Here are a few things that you can do to decipher the right content. Remember, it goes hand-in-hand with the audience analysis.

    Audience research Content of message
    Which profession dominates your gym’s locality? Your research should allow you to know your customer and know the kind of profession that dominates. When you have this, you can offer a special discount to that profession. Moreover, you can use it in the future as well to retain your clients.
    What are the price ranges of other gyms? One of the biggest chunks of information that you should have is the price competitiveness in the area. The chances of only you having a gym in the vicinity are very thin. Knowing what packages other gyms offer can help you make your package decision better. If you have a hard time fighting with the prices, then use special days like your opening day to offer big discounts.
    What are the demographics of your locality? One of the most basic researches that you should do is finding out the demographics. Does your gym locality have a lot of teens? Offer special discounts and special sessions that accommodate children. Similarly, if you have more senior citizens, you can make special accommodations for their level of fitness.

    The possibilities of research vs the content is almost endless. It all depends on the kind of information you get from your research.  

  2. Build your list

    Now that you know the kind of audience you are reaching out to and the kind of messages you want to send, it is time to build your list.

    In-text marketing, you cannot send messages without permission of the audience. When you want to use text marketing for your business, you will have to have a list that has expressed prior consent to make sure it is legal.

    If you are opening a new branch of an existing gym, then this may not be very difficult. However, the tricky part is if you are launching your gym.

    There are several ways to build your list in this case. However, you will have to start a little earlier than you would otherwise. Advertise your QR code in newspapers, social media, or even put flyers around the neighborhood. The best way to get people to subscribe is against an incentive.

    For example: ‘We are offering a 50% discount on admission fee on an opening day. Join our list to get an additional 20% off.’ Exclusive offers lure people in to join your list easily.

    With ExpertTexting’s easy widget feature, you can also add invite people to join your list through the widget on your website.

  3. Craft your message

    Now that you have your audience, the content of your message, and your list, there is little left. Simply craft your message on ExpertTexting and send out your message. If you are building to the evite, then you schedule multiple messages to send out on different days.

    Moreover, you can also personalize these messages with ExpertTexting. This gives your audience the illusion that you care for them and they are more than just a number to them.

  4. Follow up

    When your open day is over, you do not have to stop right there! It is the perfect time to use your new list to follow up on your new leads. Take surveys, polls, and even suggestions.

    With ExpertTexting you can enable two-way messaging to receive replies from your customers. Use these to improve your business.

Get started

ExpertTexting is a mass texting service that allows you to market the opening day of your gym efficiently. There are several aspects of gym marketing. ExpertTexting allows you to meet all of them with scheduled messages, personalized messages, and even two-way messaging.

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