Improve Your Texts Response Rate

Text marketing is a great way to have direct communication with your audience. It is the most affordable means of communication and has a high open-rate. Text marketing is strictly based on the permission of the recipient. You cannot send messages unless you have prior express consent. However, once you have the permission and your list, it is time to retain your customer. The response rate can help you determine how well your customers are interested in your business and how you can retain them.

Having a high response rate can be tricky. In this article, we will tell you how you can improve your response rate. Once you have a higher response rate, your leads become stronger and you have a better chance of improving your business.

Here is how you can improve your texts response rate.

  1. Ensure you have permission

    Text marketing is strictly permission-based. The TCPA is strict about sending messages to the people have that have given prior express consent only. Apart from breaching privacy, one of the reasons is an advantage for businesses. The opt-ins are your highest leads. This is because they have an interest in your business which is why they permitted you to receive messages. When the people interested in your business get messages from you, they get more motivated to give you responses.  

    Focus on your opt-in customers which will give you responses in the shape of queries, participation in your polls, and any other form. When you use a service like ExpertTexting, you can also take advantage of two-way messaging to keep tabs on the responses.

  2. Call to action

    Imagine if you invite someone to a party but don’t give them the address or directions. The same is when you send a promotional message. Your message or advert is the invitation. Without the call to action, they have nowhere to go. Hence, if you want to have a response then having a call to action is important.

    There are several different kinds of calls to action. These can be a reply to the message or a link to a webpage. If you use a service like ExpertTexting, you can shorten your link. The link shortening tool helps reduce the character count. Moreover, it helps in tracking the click-through rate.

  3. Personalized messages

    Sending personalized messages to the masses is not easy. ExpertTexting allows you to send mass personalized messages. Simply set the custom field for each contact you can set up to five different custom fields. Use this feature to address them by their name and add a personal touch to the message. Sending personalized messages improves your chances of getting a response.

    Studies show that 84% of consumers that it is important for them to be treated like a person rather than just a number. Moreover, it helps them make a business their choice.

  4. Vanity numbers

    Studies show that over six billion text messages are sent in the USA every day. This means that you will probably not be the only business sending your customer messages. Hence, a vanity number will make you stand out and make your business more authentic.

    ExpertTexting allows you to get your vanity number on availability. This allows your business to have an easy-to-remember number. Moreover, it helps customers build communication with your business.

  5. Make sure the time is right

    When you do everything right and still do not get responses, then there is only one thing to do. Make sure that the time is right! Imagine getting a business text when you are in the middle of a meeting. You will not respond. Moreover, if it happens too often, you may even get annoyed and unsubscribe from the list.

    Hence, always make it a point to find the right and ample time to send messages to your customers. This will only increase your response rate; it will help in customer retention overall.

    Another reason to get your time right is if you want instant responses. Businesses that send messages for flash sales at the right time can get a big turnout.

  6. KPIs

    If you do not have the analyzed data, you will never know where you need to improve and what you need to improve. Hence, it is always a good idea to measure and analyze your KPIs. Keep track of your opt-ins and out-outs. ExpertTexting allows you to measure the opt-in and opt-out rates so you keep track of how your campaigns work. Use this information to find the right time, the right strategy, and overall campaign.

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