Mass Texting for Healthcare

Mass Texting for Healthcare: The Importance

One of the best ways to use mass texting is for the healthcare sector. Mass texting allows you to send many messages in one go. With a higher open rate than email marketing, this service becomes more efficient. Mass texting for healthcare helps hospitals, doctors, and even patients.

Let us see some of the ways of how texting can help make a difference in the healthcare sector.

How to Use Mass Texting for Healthcare

  1. Appointment reminders

    One of the best ways to use it is for patients’ reminders. You can use text services to organize appointments. ExpertTexting allows you to send variables in your messages to personalize messages. This feature helps send out appointment reminders for the day.
    Mass Texting for Healthcare Helps with appointments
    Appointment reminders help patients arrive at their due time. Moreover, it promotes social distancing. Through SMS polls, you can request a confirmation. In this way, you will know what to expect and save doctors’ times.
  2. Report updates

    Instead of calling patients to collect their lab reports, message them! Mass texting allows you to send messages to the patients on their reports. You can hyperlink in your messages and redirect them to download reports too.
    Mass Texting for Healthcare helps send out reports
    You can also share the preliminary results and suggest to book an appointment. This process allows saving time and calls by setting up appointments. Imagine the manhours you will save!
  3. Feedback

    Another aspect to look out for is feedback. Every industry needs feedback for improvement. Mass texting for healthcare allows you to send 2 way SMS and receive comments. Thus, the administration knows about the doctors and the departments. Private clinics can use this service to improve their clientele and grow.
  4. Inhouse communication
    Mass Texting for Healthcare helps staff communication
    For years the healthcare industry has been working to make communication efficient. Doctors need to be on their toes all the time. One way to achieve constant communication is text alerts. You can send the schedule, or even request shifts. Another way is to send out urgent shift updates. Inhouse communication becomes a breeze with these techniques.

The Bottom Line

Mass texting for healthcare allows the industry to remain on its toes. Moreover, patients find better communication. One of the best ways to use this service is through ExpertTexting. ExpertTexting has affordable rates. Through several features, you can make your healthcare a well-oiled machine.

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