Do you own a food franchise?
If Yes, then this write-up certainly worth your attention – Text message marketing restaurants after all.

The restaurant industry has transformed insanely competitive. Earlier, there were only few food chains and none of them were into the game-play of marketing. But today, the dynamics of the food industry have changed drastically.

A customer nowadays is on the cutting edge of innovation. Hence, as a business organization, you need to match the pace of your customers. On a whole, bulk SMS for restaurants is certainly your pick!

Let’s just sneak into the following strategies that can empower you to draw more customers.


One of the key features of SMS Marketing is that it is an immediate channel.

Bookings and reservations have been a hassle free activity for mobile users.
Most customers tend to reserve their table as early as they could.

Most of the established food chains will have long queues in order to dine in. As a result, the facilitation of text message marketing restaurants could be very handy. Through using bulk SMS for restaurants, you can ask customers for an early booking to dine-in.


With the passage of time, the practice of ordering food from restaurants has touched great heights.
Most restaurants now offer instant notifications on mobile phones. The channel of text message marketing restaurants ensures customer engagement for a restaurant. 

A confirmation text will be sent whenever a person places his/her order.
Hence, the customer will provide a mobile number to contact whenever the food arrives at his/her doorstep.

This really is the turning point. Text Message Marketing Restaurants – Best channel for a reason!
The moment your customers receive their order they will be notified again.


Don’t stay lagging behind!
Restaurants are driving into fierce-some race in order to compete in the industry.

In short, Restaurant SMS marketing is the channel to extract all means of advantage over your business rivals. 

Send messages related to your recent add-ons. The best way is to mention all the dishes that have been added to your menu list. 

Leading food businesses are now attaining top notch business metrics. Restaurants are now sending daily menu for customers which contains new food offering every other day.


People love food. And of course, people love to save money as well.

Make regular announcements on text messages related to your discount offers.
Give your customers a code to redeem an offer.

Considering the ongoing trend, a Restaurant can initiate a “TEXT TO WIN” campaign.
Such campaigns can attract hundreds of new customers, if not so, then at least an increased number of mobile database will be in your record.

It is a win-win situation. Give it a try!


Visit a restaurant in your locality and what you will witness is that most restaurants are striving hard to market themselves.

Most likely, you are asked to fill a review form and give your feedback to the overall dining experience. By doing so, you will be tested for your honest reviews which falls under the category of customer loyalty.

Text message marketing restaurants play a vital role here.
There are significant customer loyalty programs being run by restaurants and the results are overwhelming. 


Promote all the latest happenings. Allow customers to know what you have to offer them.

Attract food lovers to your offers. Always use text message marketing restaurants. 

Launch a campaign like “Refer a Friend”. Offer free meals to one of the random winners. 


You will see that most text messages sent by restaurants are through a short code.
Especially, short codes are ideal for sending high volume of messages.

In fact, they are easy to read and remember for customers. READMORE

Restaurants are using short codes globally, since short codes work best with text message marketing restaurants. If you want to be a renowned food chain owner, then use short codes for your business.


SENDER ID adds persona to your brand name.
Ideally speaking, every top food chain has a Sender-ID to their name.

A Sender-ID is provided by SMS Gateway Providers. 
Today, restaurants are generating great ROI by collaborating with SMS Marketing Companies.

Note: There are countries where SENDER-ID is not supported. Check out the List! 

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