Connect with your congregation through Church Texting Services.
A religious body can reach out to a number of people by using Text alerts for churches.

Text Messaging for Churches is by far the most effective and immediate medium in comparison to channels like social media, calls, email, etc. A number of churches are using Bulk SMS services for church ministries.

Churches have mobilized themselves for the sake of rapid communication with their congregation members. As a matter of fact, all churches have jumped into the arena of Digitalization.
Church texting services are an inexpensive practice. The permission based operation makes it an authentic platform to use.

Text messaging has an open rate of 96%. It is also more effective and responsive than email.
No other channel provides you the leverage of this kind.

Hence, this makes church SMS messaging – an ideal practice for Churches world-wide.


An SMS notification is highly recommended for members of the church to get reminder of any upcoming or on-going meeting/happening.

People often miss out to attend meetings due their negligence or by their short term memory. And in order to remind them, Church text alerts sent them meeting reminders on a regular basis.

Most churches today utilize the essential features of Texting Services for Churches, and in result, people are more likely to attend meetings held by the Church.


Prayer requests are quite common as widespread requests are done through the means of text messaging. You can call out to a large number of people to weekly or daily prayers.

Unlike other religions, a Christian Church will extract all possible means from the technology to ensure a high level of communication. Especially, Text Messaging service for churches is the eminent tool for reaching out to congregate nowadays.

If someone is in a spot of bother, may it be his/her physical health or financial condition, then, a request for prayer can be made by texting people. In response, people can be a part of a noble cause.

STAFF COMMUNICATIONS (Church Texting Services)

Running a religious governing body and leaving out internal communications can be disastrous.

Staff Communications is the heart and soul of any organization.
Only through strong communications, all managerial affairs can the executed timely and with perfection.

Therefore, a church is by default entitled to buy the idea of staff communication.
Church texting services allow staff members – to interact with each other.

All staff members will be updated with every minute detail concerning their respective church. 
Text messaging allow churches to grow their ministry and enhance communication.


Spreading God’s message to your church members will definitely increase the church attendance.
Send regular text messages inviting people to attend the church.
An SMS can do wonders in terms of making believers to constantly attend the church activities.

Previously, Churches had to go through a laborious job of distributing hand-outs and pamphlets.
But now, an SMS can facilitate you to deliver your desired message.

In short, Bulk SMS messaging for churches has outplayed all conventional modes of communication.

Don’t let churches turn into vacant storehouses. Call out people through the channel of text messaging, and revive the lost prestige of the sacred place known as the “CHURCH”.


Our world has witnessed some of the most devastating sights and atrocities.
And of course, the Churches have contributed whole-heartedly to the entire humanity.

In the hard times of Earthquakes, Tsunami, Wars, Plague and what not, Churches all across the globe have given their share. So, a church can effectively use Church Text Alerts in any emergency situation.

Churches can send SMS Alerts to a target number. And people can take great benefit out of this positive gesture.


No worldly affairs can be run without the involvement of the economy.
Hence, money is an essential element for any organization to run smoothly (Church Welfare Services).

You can launch fund raising campaigns by text messaging. It is a good way to light up a sense of ownership in the public that they have contributed to the institution of church.
Congregation members can get the latest monetary status and developments. 

Bulk Text Messaging for Churches can get you funds and donations with in no time.


Keeping in touch is the first and foremost instance. Since the institution of the church is the custodian of our spiritual tendency – so it is the utmost responsibility of the church to spread the divine message.
And no other platform than Church text alerts service is an option to opt.

Send inspirational quotes to the members and non-members to have your presence intact. Target the youth to widespread quotes as it is quite common in youngsters to forward motivational messages within their acquaintances.

Churches also share sermon topics with the members. An SMS will contain the sermon topic and whoever is interested in attending that session or ministry will be notified before the proceedings.


Time and again, we have received messages from Churches having polls for members in order to give weightage to public opinions and sentiments. After all, a church is a social institution.

Church texting services here, draw our attention towards how churches are eager to establish public interaction like never before. Text marketing can help churches to conduct surveys with utmost ease.

Most surveys are conducted to gather quality feedback for the betterment of church.  


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