The entertainment industry in the contemporary world, is terrifically evolving.
And there seems to be no stopping it! Consequently, media has equipped itself with entertainment SMS marketing.

Entertainment as an industry is more diverse than it merely looks at the surface level. Covering areas like TV, Radio, Print, Film and so on, the entertainment sector has its presence in almost every house.

It is really quite difficult to decipher what falls under the category of entertainment and what not.
Hence, we will take the universally acknowledged definition of entertainment in this blog post.
Whatever provides us amusement or enjoyment is – ENTERTAINMENT.

The most common element in entertainment businesses is that the viewer or the consumer, most likely owns a cell phone. So, here text message marketing joins hands with the entertainment sector.
Millions of entertainment businesses are benefiting with the luxury of entertainment SMS marketing.

A text message is quick, cheap and time saving. Text messages possess incredible high open and response rate. Since a number of individuals in the society own a cell phone, then bulk text messaging can reduce the labor of promotions and communications.

Today, the entertainment sector with the help of SMS marketing for entertainment, is on a verge of conquering the entire world. In fact, SMS marketing has leveraged entertainment industry to dominate the global market.

Following are few target areas where entertainment SMS marketing has revolutionized the media industry:


Businesses are insanely conscious about their brand.
No other channel than SMS marketing has the capability to reach the global audience more effectively.
Entertainment businesses are striving 24/7 to ensure that their brands are projected in a favorable light.

Using the channel of SMS marketing, businesses have flourished like never before.
Most brands are being promoted through the medium of SMS marketing for entertainment.
Similarly, brand names belonging to the media sector are heavily drawn into the practice of mass texting.


An entertainment business cannot rule out the significance of a viewer/spectator.
Consequently, all entertainment businesses are battling for viewership.

All media sectors are running insanely for rating, especially the electronic media. 
A spectator is anticipated to be fully involved with the latest trends.
This rating culture – demands high volume of viewership.

Text message marketing for entertainment industry has increased audience involvement.
Entertainment businesses are targeting the general public by sending them bulk SMS.
Something out of the box is always given to the audience – in order to involve them on a constant level.


Game-shows are organized for the purpose of entertainment having text messaging services for letting the audience to participate. Whether it is a quiz or a contest, each one of us can participate through text messaging. So, stroke public interest in quizzes & contests. 

Short codes are provided with their keywords and you just have to it send it by your name and location.
Not surprisingly, entertainment businesses are playing their cards smartly. After all, they are getting all the limelight. BARS & NIGHTCLUB OWNERS SHOULD READ THIS.

A text message has an open rate of 96%, surpassing all other modes of communication – A text message is about 160 characters yet it is as profound as an icebreaker. Text message marketing for entertainment is the latest entry in the showbiz industry.


Text message marketing for entertainment industry will cover every single promotional activity.

Information about upcoming concerts, parties, fashion shows, movies, theatre, book launch can be conveyed by an SMS. An SMS can convey all relevant information.
The changes in dates, cancellation of programs, event details, all can be informed through an SMS.

Nobody goes door to door for a promotion in a technology driven world.
All promotions are being done within a blink of an eye.
Mass texting can help you in achieving your marketing goals and objectives.

Event marketing was never this convenient in the early days – Text message marketing for entertainment industry has made it possible today.


Existing clients and subscribers are pivotal to your business.
Meanwhile, a business with a vision will always plan to excel.
All visionary media organizations use entertainment SMS marketing. 

Grow your clientele by reaching out to a larger worldwide audience. Don’t restrict yourself!
A growth into your subscriber list will boost your revenues and your brand value will increase.


Interactivity is the spice of entertainment. In short, streamline your interaction by infusing mass texting.

Get valuable feedback from the public, whether they liked your venture or not.
People love to relish their voice – No other platform than entertainment SMS marketing could be more advantageous. Conduct activities like polls and surveys to engage your audience.

Send poll text messages which will allow people to have their say on a particular topic.
Also, conduct surveys for entertainment purposes. Surveys can be very entertaining if done with the intent of making people amuse. You can conduct polls and surveys on any desired topic with text messaging.

Entertainment text message marketing provides an added flavor to the entire cause of marketing, and therefore, the responses are lightning quick at the end of a survey.


To use mass texting for entertainment industry, always use keywords and short codes.

People can use your keyword to be a part of your marketing campaign.
Short codes can send high volumes of text messages. Businesses can utilize short codes for marketing.

Entertainment businesses market themselves with short codes, especially because there is no limitation of sending text messages. A short code is prominent enough to remember, and therefore, brands do prefer using short codes for their promotions.


Celebrities love entertainment SMS marketing. Most celebrities are running fan clubs via SMS marketing.

The strategy of building a fan club has given ground breaking results to a hundred of celebs and often renowned brands do cash in with this concept.

Fan clubs allow the general public to stay in touch with their favorite personalities.

An SMS provides them with the opportunity to interact with public figures.
Today, SMS messaging is the most common feature among the youth – Empowering them to speak their hearts out.


All cellular companies tend to send text messages containing alerts and info text.

Send entertainment alert messages regularly. Entertainment businesses utilize text messaging to the fullest.
Ringtone and caller tune are something we receive almost on a daily basis.

Entertainment text messaging shares diversified topics to the target audience.  
Both alerts and info are an essential component of entertainment businesses.


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