Night clubs can cash in big time by utilizing bar and nightclub texting.
Look around in your area and you will witness nightclubs every other street.

Bars & nightclubs are turning into a triumphant industry across the globe.
SMS marketing for nightclubs is a platform that can take marketing to new heights. All traditional night club advertising is a tedious and costly endeavor. Most nightclubs are running their marketing campaigns via SMS.

With an increasing number of nightclubs and bars in the industry, the level of competition is excessive.
Most night clubs are seeking new modes of marketing.
Night club text message marketing is one such tool that provides an upper hand in the market.

Effective bars and night club texting can yield ground breaking results. 

Young adults are captivated more than any other age group when it comes to night clubs. Advertising for bar and night clubs can again draw attention of the young generation since every citizen in a world of digitalization, owns a cell phone. Hence, text message marketing is one of the most profound ideas today.


Inculcate your brand presence into your customers.
Club texting comprises the ability to generate sales on a massive scale.

Allow your customers to know about your products and services.
Customers can avail benefit through night club text blasts.

Sales are increased when you connect through text marketing.
A number of customers purchase or place an order after being informed via text message.


Use SMS marketing software to  send out automated SMS blasts.
Spread your on-going offers to the general public and attract customers to your doorstep.

Mobile coupons are sent through bar and nightclub texting resulting in a great conversion rate.
People love to receive discount coupons. Send multiple discount offers to your regular customers.

Ask customers to show their opt-in message to the bartender and in result of that, they can have a free drink. You can engage customers to subscribe while offering them an appetizer or a slight discount to their total amount. 


Make sure your text blasts inform every single happening of your club. Don’t just stick around!
Use text message marketing for night clubs in order to remind your customers regarding each event.

An event reminder will lift up the ratio of event participation. 

Throughout the world, night clubs have gone an extra mile to offer scintillating prospects.
Club texting as a channel will ensure that all valued customers and even non-members of the club are informed about the club’s events.


Running a bar or a night club is not a child’s play.

Loyalty programs are organized in the bars and night clubs. 
They provide night clubs a sense of association with their customers.

Moreover, SMS marketing for night clubs enables you to initiate result oriented customer loyalty programs.
Once a customer possesses an ownership to your brand name, then, he/she could be considered as a regular visitor.   


Address your VIP members with royalty. Send text blasts to your VIP members.

These members are serious contributors to your overall revenue. It is important to send them special personalized text messages. After all, VIP members provide a large chunk of your business.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to cater your VIP club members with premier services and offers.


For mass texting, always use keywords and short codes.

People can use your keyword to be a part of your marketing campaign.
A short code is used for marketing purpose and it has a tendency of sending high volumes of text messages.

Nightclubs market themselves with a short code because there is no limitation of sending text messages.


Engage your club members by setting up polls. Make them participate in the answers forum.

By using bar and nightclub texting, you can certainly bring in more people while socializing with them.
Make them indulge into different contests, especially by giving them incentives on winning.

Get valuable customer feedback by conducting text messaging surveys. Ask people to vote for their favorite DJ.
Similarly, you can ask customers what theme do they admire whenever they enter to your bar or nightclub.

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