Implementing various methodologies at school is a common practice. But do you know that a new form of marketing methodology has entered into the educational sector. Yes, you have guessed it right!
School Texting Service as a means of communication is an excellent platform to streamline interaction.

Communication has never been so enhanced and instant it is wholly to the credit of the limitless reach of text messaging for schools. Schools all across the globe use school texting service for staff communication, admission promotions, alumni relations, emergency alerts, fee reminders, parental engagement, event information and so on. Just a click on the button and you are ready to mingle with people digitally.

Mass text messaging for schools can prevent you from old school communication approach.
Nowadays, all schools are equipped with the armor of Mass texting. It has changed the entire outlook of interaction, a viable alternative for schools. Due to its instantaneous tendency, high open rate, reliability and cost-effectiveness, school texting service is nominated as the favorite platform by worldwide schools.

The educational sector has been commercialized which has turned it into an active and engaging industry. Students are more likely to rely upon technology rather than a professor, which suggest that text message marketing for schools is the new front door for both schools and students.
Through school texting, the communication gap between parents and the institutions has been cut short.

Institutions like schools can use school texting service for a number of purposes like:


Text messaging for schools facilitates institutions to bridge communications.

Schools can share all updates to students and to their parents as well.
Inform parents about what activities are taking place in the school through sending them an SMS.

Reminding them about parent-teachers meeting can also be done through bulk SMS for schools.
Share daily attendance with the parents, provide results of their children on their mobile screens.


Keeping your staff on board is a mandatory task for any schooling system.

Always remember that no team works without teamwork. Therefore, text messaging becomes essential for schools in order to maintain healthy communication within their staff. Text messaging for schools helps staff members to stay in touch with each other. It also enables administration to work efficiently.

Text message marketing for schools can strengthen your internal group communications by keeping staff members on their toes.


Not even a decade has past, we still recall the days when schools used to issue hard copies or circulars for fee reminder. But today, sending fee reminder is trouble-free. Schools are using SMS marketing in order to remind parents of their outstanding dues.

SMS marketing for schools can provide both parents and students to keep all fees related talks as confidential.

No circular or name calling in the classrooms which causes great embarrassment for the students.
Simply an SMS & reminder will be sent.


Nothing can console parents more than assuring that their kids are safe and sound.

Use school text messaging for emergency alerts.
Allow parents to know about every single instance related to their children. Whether it is the student bus location, social unrest, or any natural uncertainty due to weather, an SMS can convey all latest updates.

Establish secure environment and ensure security within the school premises.
Always use the channel of school texting service to take conducive security measure. This will allow schools to represent themselves as institutions who tend to care and nurture their students like no one.


It is important to understand the significance of promoting your events.
You can maximize the feature of group texting for schools here.
Administration can promote all their events like convocation, declamation, orientation, and so on. 

No other tool can turn out to be more beneficial than school SMS marketing.
Promote your sports day or any other function. School texting service can increase event participation and it will also elevate your school’s reputation.


Schools can enlighten their students with educational tips.

In other words, spreading social awareness amongst the upcoming generation is very crucial.
A school is likely to inculcate moral and social values within their students. In fact, making students realize about their social responsibilities has been relatively easier thanks to school texting service.

Send inspirational quotes to the students and provide them proper guidance. Today, Mass text messaging for schools is not exclusively a medium to communicate, but it has also enabled schools to function as a career counselor.


Engaging parents is vital for schools. You can quickly notify parents about class cancellation.

Taking parents into confidence requires convincing skills and regular interaction. Text messaging for schools can accelerate parental engagement for you. Be in touch with parents & foster good relationship.

Most schooling systems are working to revitalize their communication method.
School texting service can be a binding force for both parents and the school. 


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